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Fresh Opinions on Sandwich Perfection at City Sub

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In this divided world some topics will never reach grand consensus. The proper global economic model, the definition of art, what combination of disorders and fever dreams account for Lyndon LaRouche– all oft-debated and never concluded. The biggest one of all, though, may be what constitutes the proper sandwich making method with meat-cheese ratios, proper bread slicing, and the inclusion of that other green stuff I hear is called 'œvegmotables.' Adding its two cents to the debate and charging only about as much is the Bergen St. perennial City Sub.

Walking down this stretch of Bergen St. feels like something Jonathan Ames wrote. The Park Slopiest block of Park Slope features a gourmet sex shop, a vegan bakery, and designer maternity wear. City Sub, however, predates all this fanciness and sticks to its timeless guns- make some damn fine sammiches. Like all good cooking it starts with the ingredients, and City Sub keeps fresh stock of its meats, cheeses, and bread that actually tastes like something. Its presentation is minimal and looks like an innocuous deli/grocery/bodega with glowing signs and three tables, but, like the humble Holy Grail that doesn’t turn you into David Caruso, it’s designed for true believers. While City Sub may not answer the debate, it’s filled with compelling arguments and worth repeat visits for delicious rebuttals.

City Sub
450 Bergen St (Btwn 5th & Flatbush Ave)
Park Slope

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