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Escape Times Square Pain at HB Burger

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Let’s say you ended up in Times Square. I’m sorry. But you’re here, and after fending off a hundred pan flute players and dudes asking if you like comedy, or, worse, you just got off shift playing your pan flute or asking hundreds of Germans if they like comedy (the answer will always be no), you have worked up a self-destructive hunger for beer and grease. Thankfully, there’s HB Burger not a hop skip and a jump away.

The Heartland Brewery as a chain is a phenomenon I’ve never quite understood. While a brewpub is a better idea to franchise with than, say, a burger pizza, it’s rampant 'œokay-ness' wouldn’t make it seem poised for a city takeover. That said, HB Burger is kind of like the younger sibling that’s cool without all the attention and working towards smaller goals. It’s limited menu is different kinds of pretty delicious hamburgers, with basic ones under 10 bones and gourmet ones hovering around 15, and, naturally, much, much beer. Even if you factored away that every other establishment in the theater district is a scam it would still be a pretty good deal. It’s a small place tucked away amongst the chintz and glitz of 42nd St., and a welcome oasis for people who, God forbid, just despise comedy.

HB Burger
127 W 43rd st [Theater District]
New York, NY 10036


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Dan Cerruti - 99 Cent Store Cowboy

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