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Daddy’s Treats the Neighborhood Right

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It takes a long time to establish oneself as a “neighborhood” institution. From deli counters to comic stores to interestingly dressed hobos, earning the title requires patience and diligence along with just the right vibe. Despite it being relatively new to the scene, Daddy’s in the Billburg has been striving to achieve “neighborhood” status in record time- and not doing such a bad job of it, either.

Upon entering the spot you’re greeted with the common signs of good bar to come. Pinball? Yup. Solid juke with esoteric gems of country’s greatest era? And how. Cheapo beer? In spades. Sitting down at its large bar or collection of build-your-own-seating-capacity tables and soaking the vibe can relax or amp you up for the same reasons. Also, there are hot dogs! As this is Williamsburg and vegetarians sustain themselves by complaining, there are also tofu things if you so desire.

Thankfully this neighborhood joint is a distance from the Billburg unkempt masses, avoiding the suck of Bedford Ave, and instead keeping it real to the best kind of unkempt- unwashed and somewhat slightly drunk. Enjoy!

435 Graham Ave
Between Frost St and Richardson St. [Williamsburg]

Photo By Konstantin Sergeyev (via NYMag)

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Dan Cerruti - 99 Cent Store Cowboy

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