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Get Lost in Junk at Green Village

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Thrifting in New York can easily be a matter of air quotes and snide remarks. “Thrift” stores tend to try to pass off some used t-shirts at $40 a pop and tell you that it’s a total steal. Dude, did someone sweat in it before? Don’t care if it was property of King Midas, if it’s got pre-fab pit stains I’d like it to remain well into the single digit of dollars. And if you’re going to be selling furniture it better be an inclusive experience, not so selective all you get is some $500 crystal valet dish some old lady kept her dentures in. For just about everything you could ever possibly imagine crammed into a store, I can send you over to Green Village, where patience and sneezing will be rewarded with dynamite deals.

Everyone who works there is in a perpetual state of motion, constantly reorganizing the merchandise. Sometimes an art deco bureau comes in as a modernist flat file is sold and these guys will pile everything ski high. Trucks swing by often to cart away the treasures- this isn’t a dainty thrift store full of old lady wares. Deep into this store’s shelves you can find most anything you can imagine from a smattering of styles, all priced to move but haggling can help. Be warned, though, no one here is a pushover- if you haggle, get your game face on and be okay with losing the battle. Also in the front is a smattering of clothes on the racks, mostly jackets and dresses, along with some bins where clothing gets bought by the pound. Granted, in this bedbug paranoid world some things may be more questionable than others, but use intelligence and maybe ask how long something’s been in inventory. Longer it’s been there the less likely it is to be a bedbug house.  Merry huntings through the tall aisles, hope you find something that really ties the room together.

Green Village Used Furniture & Clothing
276 Starr Street
Between Wyckoff & St.Nicolas Ave [Bushwick]

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Dan Cerruti - 99 Cent Store Cowboy

Dan Cerruti - 99 Cent Store Cowboy

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