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Learn ‘Bout Stuffs With A 2-for-1 Museum Pass For FREE

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Yeah, everyone! See that image up above? Cut, copy, print, because this one is guaranteed to work for you on a list of levels. What we have here is a spring of 2-for-1 goodness at some of the less hyped but equally quality museums throughout NYC. Let this brand new coupon, FREE to download, shape you up and shift your scope of the world and the things within it. You can learn more about it here if you really need to, but this is one of those few, beautiful, catch-less deals that’s dumb not to capitalize on. So go forth and culture yourself!

For those of you that need some primers on the list of museums this applies for, what you’ve got is easier access to the American Folk Art Museum, Asia Society Museum, International Center of Photography, The Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art , Museum of Arts and Design, Museum of Chinese in America, The Noguchi Museum, and Rubin Museum of Art (y’all best appreciate the amount of hyperlinking I just did). All the museums are great and too easy to skirt past in favor of MOMA or something else too easy to name. I personally enjoy ICP and MAD quite a bit, and am looking forward to this coupon in a big way. Best of all, it’s unlimited usage for all museums up til the 31st of May, so plenty of time to get your culture in. Plus, what a great incentive for a date! Honestly, your significant other would probably really love it, museums are pretty damn romantic, so get out there and learn not only about Tibetan art but also if your date’s turned on by mandalas. I guess that’d be weird, but it’d probably be good to know just for, like, context, or something. Buh, whatever, enjoy your FREE thing!

Museum Discovery Pass
Various Locations [All City]
Mar 1st-May 31st

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