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Unique Thrift Store Makes It Easy On The Rummager

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I hope everyone here is aware of Fulton Mall’s storied history of awesomeness. And no, I’m not talking about it’s old days of fish mongering and cable cars, I’m talking way more about the past 30 years when it’s been the best place for streetwear and being down with the NYC hip hop scene. Free from cars, filled to the brim with hustlas, enough fake gold for a bootleg armada- truly, this is a special kind of paradise. Adding itself into the fray is the Unique Thrift Store, a haven for real deal thrifters who appreciate some semblance of order in their shopping experience.

While only a small storefront on the outside, the place opens up to a couple floors of secondhand goodies. This ain’t no Beacon’s Closet- the spot is way more in line with Goodwill or the Salvation Army, so don’t expect designer brands or some stuff. Workaday brands and yesteryear’s fashions (think Jnco) abound, but you can probably find something worth having at their real thrift prices. Little of their merchandise breaks the $10 boundary. Furniture, jewelry, and, as they say, “bric-a-brac” fill in the space between racks of clothes. Best of all, though, this spot is large and bright, making the dusty rummaging through clothes a bit more bearable and easier on the senses. It’s the little gestures that help when it comes to thrift stores, so thanks, Unique, for being so kind in the world of dreary holes-in-the-wall selling $40 used T shirts. See you soon!

Unique Thrift Store
408 Fulton St @ Gallatin Pl.
[Downtown Brooklyn]

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Dan Cerruti - 99 Cent Store Cowboy

Dan Cerruti - 99 Cent Store Cowboy

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