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Bar food is always a conundrum. What was once a simple bowl of salted nuts has mutated into a demand for organic avocados and lightly-fried esoterica. It can be delicious, granted, but in a go-for-broke gimmick bar scene like the one that permeates Williamsburg it can be overwrought when all your drunken taste buds want are salty, fatty goodness. Keeping it basic, tasty, and, most significantly, cheap, is Mother’s, from the people who brought you Daddy’s (see a theme?).

While it does not boast a full bar, Mother’s holds it down with a pretty decent draft offering and even some wine if you fancy. The main draw here as opposed to Daddy’s just up the block (aside from that it’s closer to the train, you lazy bastards) is the short but solid menu ranging from burgers to more burgers. While I sadly must concede this won’t be causing beef fetishizing on par with the Corner Bistro, it’s a burger that’s pretty good for it’s price point (stats at $6).

The bison burger is a particular draw. If you really want the whole package, get a huge load of sweet potato fries to accompany the burger and hit a salty nirvana. I’ve heard there’s brunch offerings here, to which I say “meh” and it’s kinda beside the point. Sure, you hip kids love day drinking, but what the hell is wrong with day drinking beer and burgers? Don’t over-complicate the matter with your huevos rancheros and whatnot. Swing by and grab some beer n’ beef with me, promise we’ll have a grand ole time.

347 Graham Avenue b/w Metropolitan Ave and Conselyea St

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