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Culture Clash at the Bushwick Pita Palace

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New York is, as they say, a melting pot of cultures. I never quite understood that, because I’ve never had a pot I consider prime for melting stuff in. I guess it’d be pretty wide and non-stick? Regardless, sometimes that social fondue can create some delicious things to dip various fruit wedges and crackers into. In this case, we have the rare and colorful combo of Mexican and Middle Eastern served with a smile at Bushwick Pita Palace.

The place is situated right atop the Montrose stop on the L, which gives it full license to be mediocre. After all, when starving on transit any neon sign will do for a snack. But this place transcends it’s low demands and is the purveyor of some damn fine falafel. Is anyone else surprised by the lack of kebab houses in northern Brooklyn? They’re about as frequent as bodegas in other parts of the BK, but there ain’t much in the way of solid (unfussy) hummus joints. Well, here’s all the filling of that niche you need. If, however, your dining partner ain’t into some fine shwarma, there is the burrito bar and all sorts of Mexican fare. Frankly, I can’t attest to that stuff. After all, it’s Bushwick- there are enough taco joints from recently immigrated Mexicans that I don’t feel compelled to get my kebab in my pico de gallo, but I hear it’s pretty decent. Whatever your desire may be, whether it falls on the tortilla or pita side of street food cravings, BPP shall sate your (probably drunken) hunger til 2am.

Bushwick Pita Palace
243 Bushwick Avenue @ Montrose Ave

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