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Super Cheap Things To Do In This Summer Weather

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So after a long, snowy winter, summer like weather is finally upon us here in NYC. In the home of the $1,000 pizza, how is a cheapskate supposed to enjoy oneself? Here are a few suggestions for those of us who like to pay next to nothing to get our thrills.

Beaching it: Grab your Metro Card, some sunblock and head on over to Rockaway Beach in Queens. This is the only beach in NYC that you can enjoy surfing and on the first Friday of every month from 6/3/2011-8/5/2011 you an take in a FREE concert!

If you have kids, Coney Island/Brighton Beach is also a great deal. Aside from the beach there is the zoo and aquarium.

Concerts: NYC in the summer is known for some amazing FREE shows. Whether its at the Today Show in Rockefeller Center or the Summerstage in Central Park. For daily FREE (or almost FREE) concert listings, check out My FREE Concert at

With Kids: An obvious choice would be one of the many parks in the city, but if you run out of ideas or they are flat out bored of going to the park every weekend check out Not all their events are FREE, but you can definitely find some good stuff there. Museums, zoo’s, and aquariums are a also a good bet (education disguised as fun is always a plus!) make sure to check what days they are FREE or admission is on a donation basis.

Exercise: While there are some gyms offering great promotions trying to help you get rid of that winter pudge, there is always that good old fashioned workout that us New Yorkers are very familiar with, Walking!. Sure we walk from to and from the train station and from the train station to work and sometimes to get our coffee, but with spectacular weather add a few more blocks to your routine. Try walking home from work, this trip is even more fabulous if it involves crossing a bridge!

Dining: Let’s state the obvious, even though there are great deals out there on food, probably the best deal (also the healthiest) is to take up making more meals at home. This time of year we get some great produce. Another idea is to start a supper club with your friends. Have everyone pay into a pool and designate who cooks once a week. Its social and healthier for you than hitting up sidewalk cafe after sidewalk cafe.

Cocktails: Buy the Bottle! The price of drinks in this city is absolutely ridiculous. Lets say you buy a  $16 for a Malibu and Pineapple. If instead you bought a one litre bottle of Malibu and a can of pineapple juice that would cost you about $23 and last a lot longer. If however, the thought of being your own mixologist is daunting, there are tons of happy hour deals in the city and outer boroughs.

So get out there an enjoy this beautiful weather, while holding on to as many of your coins as possible!

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Brandi Jarath - Miss Parsimony

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