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Catch the Fights at McKenzie’s Bar

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It is extremely hard to justify the expense of a pay per view fight, 45 dollars for three hours of fights when you can’t be assured anything cool will happen is tough to swallow.  However sometimes you just need to see dudes with bad tattoos hit each other and rather then head down to the Marina at last call you can make your way to the Richmond and watch professionals mix it up while enjoying a cheap beverage or four. McKenzie’s shows most if not all UFC fights and has ample space and tables to accomadate you and your four or five friends that swear the UFC was way better when people were allowed to punch each other in the balls.

If the UFC isn’t really your vibe there’s plenty of other good reasons to check out McKenzie’s namely the drinks are cheap and they have a solid happy hour. In fact McKenzie’s is my go to spot to catch the Giants since I refuse to pay for cable (Comcast you burned that bridge the minute you put Shaq and Ben Stein in a commercial together).  They have a couple nice big screen TVs and since the place is usually empty in the afternoon you’ll have no trouble getting them to put on your game of choice.

Some of you are still probably pretty skeptical; you’re thinking, “I hate sports, and I really hate the UFC, why would I go here?” and for you I have a simple answer they have a FIREPLACE.  Even the snootiest of snobs can’t hate on a dive bar that rocks a majestice fireplace among the barstools and sticky floors.

McKenzie’s Bar
5320 Geary Blvd
(between 17th Ave & 18th Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94121
[Outer Richmond]

Photo Credit: Yelper Mike W.

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Hugh Hunter - Economical Essayist

Hugh Hunter - Economical Essayist

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