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… actually this market is Fresh Easy, and Awesome.

Alright so I know this place is a chain and because of that it will never gain quite the acclaim of some of the other rad corner markets we have strewn about our city but I love this place.  I like to think of this place like Trader Joe’s younger slightly more tech savvy cousin.

The market doesn’t have a big footprint and seems to cater to the crowd that is shopping for a small group rather than a domestic brood.  Since I’m shopping for one (Call me Liz Lemon)  Fresh and Easy Market has fresh and interesting ingredients packaged in a quantity I can actually consume before it goes bad.  Since things come in bachelor size packages you save cash by having less food go bad and at the actual cash register.  Speaking of the cash register Fresh and Easy has no checkers.  Yes, every line is self checkout and I for one am thankful for it.  Throw in an interesting “rewards” program where you earn points based on what you spend and are able to turn that into dollar savings down the road and I love Fresh and Easy as an Outer Richmond alternative to Trader Joe’s.


Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market
3132 Clement St.
(Between 32nd and 33rd)
San Francisco
[Outer Richmond]

Photo Credit: Yelper Virlie B.

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Hugh Hunter - Economical Essayist

Hugh Hunter - Economical Essayist

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