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Tasty Tequila at Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant

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As previously noted I’m a huge fan of restaurants with Tommy in the name.  When I found out the little Mexican restaurant a few blocks from my house made it onto a list of the top 100 bars in the world I had to check things out firsthand.

Upon entering Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant you really get the feeling that it’s a family run establishment.  This notion happened to be reinforced when I looked behind the hostess stand to see that in fact the same family has taken care of the place for almost five decades.  While the surrounding streets might be relatively sleepy it definitely feels like a party inside and I’m sure the world renowned selection of tequila has a lot to do with that.  My girlfriend doesn’t drink tequila so I was forced to do double duty in order to make sure we did our due diligence in tasting these agave based spirits.  House Margaritas are 8 dollars and while that is a little on the steep side you can tell that Tommy’s is using real lime juice (no plastic bottle sugary mix taste) and tequila way better than anything I’ve ever purchased.  After the first few sips I could tell exactly why this place was packed on a sleepy Thursday night and after another margarita or dos I can see why people keep coming back.  Even as a tequila newbie I could see why Tommy’s ranks as a destination bar for all things Tequila.

Oh the food was also really good too, although my judgement was likely very clouded as I made the cloudy walk home.


Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant
5929 Geary Blvd.  (Between 23rd and 24th)
San Francisco, CA
[Outer Richmond}

Photo Credit: Yelper Winnie L.

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