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Dear TV, Being Broke Ain’t That Easy!

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Don’t judge me, but I’ve been kinda casually checking out that new show “2 Broke Girls” lately (partially because I think that chick from that one Michael Cera movie- and more recently in Thor– is quite pleasantly sassy; but mostly because I didn’t continue watching Gossip Girl past season one, and, well, there’s really nothing else on…).

Okay, so can I just vent for one second please? This show is about two girls- one who claims to always have been broke but seemingly grown up in that , *shudder*, struggling middle-cass, and the other who is recently broke, after her father became backrupt. Basically she went from partying with Paris Hilton to frequenting the local Goodwill. These girls consequentially become roommates and work in the same nearby diner together in Brooklyn, NY.

Okay, so this is where I draw a red flag: their apartment is incredible! The only view that has so far been visible on the show is the living room/kitchen, but holy shit, that place looks pretty freakin rad, and big! Here I am, sitting in my barely one-bedroom inlaw apartment in a nearby suburb, cause I can’t even afford to live in the city. And did I mention I can’t even afford cable, so I’m watching the stupid show on my laptop from a website that’s, well, not the most- shall we say- legit? Yeah…

So far, most of, if not all of, their income comes from the diner they work at. Considering their apartment size, damn they must make some good tips. Uhh, hi- are you hiring? The two girls decide to create a cupcake business together (how trendy of them! *smirk*) after discovering that Kat Denning‘s character is quite the awesome baker. Each show ends with an update of how much the duo has been able to save up for said business.

Here’s where I go off: What about RENT MONEY!? UTILITES? Garbage and water? They just don’t seem to be too worried, no sweat. Yet I’m freakin’ counting my dimes, nickles, and pennies over here. I don’t know, I’m not necessarily trying to criticize or bash the show, I guess I’m just kinda jealous of the uber cool apartment. And then it got me thinking about “Friends.” Rachel and Monica’s apartment (previously Monica and Phoebe’s, and later Monica and Chandler’s) was incredible and was set in the middle of freakin Manhattan, Greenwich village to be exact, yet  Monica worked as as a chef, Rachel as a waitress, and Phoebe as a masseuse. Affording such a place seems merely impossible. If I’m not mistaken, I believe they inhereted the apartment from a deceased relative, leaving the original rent price to maintain once the friends moved in- but still! Hmmph.

Oh hey Carrie Bradshaw, how did you do it? Journalism isn’t much of a wealthy career, and while, yes, you came to develop a wonderful career, things weren’t always that easy- yet you always had that awesome luxurious apartment? HOW!?

And so, I conclude this random rant with an important message to television networks everywhere:

Dear Television,

You make being broke look so damn easy and even a little fucking cool. Stop that shit!

Love always,



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Paulette Greenhouse - The Penny Pincher

Paulette Greenhouse - The Penny Pincher

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