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BUST Magazine Craftacular and Food Fair Spring 2012

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We have a Do-It-Yourself section here at Broke-Ass Stuart, but sometimes it’s best if someone else does it for us. For example, our very own “Crafty & Cashless” guru, Amber Bouman, posted a nifty article where she guides us in the creation of our own luggage tags. My attempt to create my own was more than a disappointment, seeing as I started a small fire in my apartment and my father isn’t seeing too well from his left eye these days. (Sorry, dad.)

Still, my failures shouldn’t deter you from crafting your own luggage tags (or anything else for that matter), but if you’re anything like me you might want to attend BUST Magazine’s Craftacular and Food Fair Spring 2012. This craft fair and shopping event will be taking place on Saturday, April 14th from 11am-7pm. More than a hundred vendors will be on hand, selling handmade jewelry, specialty foods, cards, handbags, posters, toys, clothing and more.

If you happen to arrive early, you’ll be rewarded with FREE goodie bags. Admission is only $3. This event is being sponsored by Mailchimp, Red Jacket, Softcup, Blue Q,, and The Lower East Side Girls Club.

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Have fun, and…don’t burn anything.

BUST Magazine Craftacular and Food Fair Spring 2012
Saturday, April 14 at 11am-7pm
Admission: $3
82 Mercer Street (between Broome and Spring Street)

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