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FREE Mad Decent Block Party 2012 Presented by Puma

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I like Puma as a sneaker company because they made one of my favorites sneakers of all-time—Walt Clyde Frazier’s signature line, The Clyde’s. Now, they’re creating a decent party, the Mad Decent Block Party, that is. Embrace & Teamwork have gotten together to with Puma to bring this event to five cities, including New York.

On Sunday, August 12th, the Mad Decent Block Party will be landing in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg Park. This event is FREE and for all ages. The festivities will begin at 12pm and the party won’t stop until 10pm. The Puma Social truck will be rolling by to make an appearance, as will musical performances by Major Lazer, Erol Aklan, Bonde Do Role, Lunice, Riff Raff, Reptar, Mr. Mothafuckin’ Exquire, Zebra Katz, Bosco Delrey, Baauer, Kito and Paul Devro.

You may visit the Mad Decent Block Party site for more details.

Mad Decent Block Party 2012 Presented by Puma
Sunday, August 12th at 12pm-10pm
Williamsburg Park
50 Kent Ave. & North 12th Street

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Enrique Grijalva - Mr. Minimum Wage

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