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Bok Ssam: Big Headed Chicken and Waffles

Updated: Jul 06, 2013 18:15
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I suppose there periodically come times in everyone’s life when they’re forced to ask themselves, “Is this necessary?” When you’re arguing with your significant other on the Muni over which band you’ll see together at Hardly Strictly. When you’re forced to bee line around a group of sidewalk-hoggers in the Mission. And when you’re faced with adding bacon, adding cheese, or adding a…waffle. Are any of the latter necessary? No, but part of the whimsy of eating out none the less.

Bok Ssam’s rendition of fried chicken and waffles is a cold blooded tap on the nose. What’s not to like? Incredibly delectable crunchy, highly-seasoned, cast iron-fried chicken breast with red cabbage slaw tossed in a vinaigrette. All of it topped with a punchy savory Sriracha-like Korean sauce made from fermented soy beans, salt, rice and red chilies called Gochujang. Delicious!

The warm chicken against the bright, cold, crunchy slaw and, to my disappointment, cold waffles. The waffles were holding in cambros for service, which made sense for time sake, but  they were hard in a non-crunchy way. Also, they had no flavor. I know what you’re thinking- Because everything else was so highly seasoned,  that there was really no need to season the waffles.   Furthermore, how does one even season a waffle?

First, just because you over-season one component to a dish, does not mean you should rely on said component to carry everything else. That’s like strapping one of your two kids into a car seat and leaving it to save the unstrapped kid in case of accident. Or, you going into a war zone and everyone around you is geared up, but you have nothing but your wits. Everyone should be strapped and geared.  Which then leaves the, “How do you season a waffle?” bit-  Like you’d season any bread. Herbs, salt? More butter in the batter? Sugar? Something!

All in all, it was a hefty sandwich and, for the first time, worth $8. AND their onion rings were really good. I’d eat at Bok Ssam again if I came across them. However, the waffle was unncessary. In theory, the waffle idea is cute, but, in practice, I’d have been much happier with a ciabatta roll or bolillo.


Bok Ssam
Mission Community Market 
Bartlett Street (btwn. 21st & 22nd Streets)
[Mission District]

4 p.m.- 8 p.m.



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