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BAS 2013 PRIDE IN PICTURES- DOMA/ PROP 8 Go Down; Drag In the Academy; Sexing Thru SoMa; MORE! Partying and Hard Frenching

Updated: Jul 08, 2013 14:14
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Pride in San Francisco is never a mellow affair, but even by the Barbary Coast’s well- seasoned standards, this was one hell of a joyride.  From Castro on Wednesday until grooving through the bodies electric on Sunday, our eagle-eyed contributor, Fabian, caught the City as she swelled rhythmically in a four day affair of the heart.


Wednesday, June 26 – DOMA/ Proposition 8 Day of Decision

Revelers gathering near a sign of  the times at Castro and Market.

Late afternoon crescendo begins.

Castro Street’s beacon welcomes marriage equality on a warm summer night.

Contingents filed in continuously through the night.

Thursday, June 27- Pride Nightlife at the California Academy of Sciences

The Polychromatic Ralph.

Queer as fish.

Activista Persia holding court in the halls of science.

Cherry Poppins makes learning fun.

The Hard French marathon begins.

Brown Amy manning the late set with a little help from Charlie Sharp.


Friday, June 28- Steam at The Powerhouse and Haus of Stiel featuring Grace Towers at Beatbox

Competitive camaraderie at The Powerhouse in South of Market.

Folsom’s arbiter of steam and sweat, Walter Gómez and one of his charges.

Dancer in the dark in the Haus of Stiel at Beatbox.

Pigs play nice at Beatbox.

Our Lady of Grace, herself, with collaborator DJ Shane Stiel at Beatbox.

Our correspondent backstage with La Towers and assistant Carwin Brice.


Sunday, June 30- SF Pride Civic Celebration; Juanita More at Jones; Hard French Hearts Los Homos at Roccapulco

Some angels bring rosaries, others bring Smirnoff beads.

Broke-ass advice from the street ministry.

Hedwigs pulling it down from the shelf.

Rainbow promenade.

Ms. More always offers up a warm welcome to the city at Pride.

The ever-loving Ms. More counsels her chambelán, Walter Gómez at her annual fete.
Spun sugar princess Lindsay Slowhands at Juanita MORE!’s Pride Party..

Bar beauties serving hospitality realness at Juanita MORE!’s Pride Party..

Colour coordination with Grace Towers and Mica Sigourney at Juanita MORE!’s Pride Party.

Terry Tsipouras in shades of scarlet conquering at Juanita MORE!’s Pride Party.

Cabaña-side at Juanita MORE!’s Pride Party. 

Our Pride correspondent gets a surprise visit from his very proud mama.

Dance floor duds at Hard French Hearts Los Homos.

Lil’ Hot Mess channeling Linda Perry in honour  of Private Bradley Manning at Hard French Hearts Los Homos.

View from the top at Hard French Hearts Los Homos.

French posturing at Hard French Hearts Los Homos.

The nattily attired Benjamin Strum and Carol Coroniti at Hard French Hearts Los Homos.

Sophisticated frenching at Hard French Hearts Los Homos.

THEESatisfaction kickin’ it at Hard French Hearts Los Homos.

                                                       Mission Street Solidarity at Hard French Hearts Los Homos.


For more photos, and video of the performances at the various events featured, be sure to check out Photos by Fabian Echevarria here.


BAS and Fabian Echevarria would like to thank Amie Wong at the California Academy of Sciences, Brian Kent at Beatbox, Walter Gómez, Juanita More, Jones, Tom Temprano and Roccapulco all for their help in putting this photo re-cap together. AND OF COURSE, the fabulous citizens of San Francisco for being the most fantastic city in the land! See you next June, San Francisco!

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Fabian Echevarria- Frugal Photo Pro

Fabian Echevarria- Frugal Photo Pro

Known for a highly developed sense of thrift amongst friends and coworkers, Fabian’s gift of making that minimum wage paycheck last is hard to beat. Two things you can count on with Fabian: he always packs a lunch and brings his own cheap booze. He also seems to have a knack with his favorite media, photography.You could find him at parks, beaches, and night life events throughout San Francisco, camera generally in hand.

You can also follow him at