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Here’s Where To Search For Your Post Holiday Job

Updated: Jan 01, 2015 12:48
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Why: Craigslist is a go-to for people of all professions.
How to use it: To save time, type in keywords in the search engine and click the correct section.
What to watch out for: Crooks! However, you won’t really know until the interview process begins. It’ll be up to your broke ass to assess the situation (link to are you working for a broke ass business).
Why: Aside from auditions, is notorious for hosting non-performer jobs that are often seasonal or temporary. Employers who post on actively understand that you might be a short term investment for their company.
How to use it: Visit, scroll to the very bottom and click job postings, commence hunting.
What to watch out for: Shady restaurants and organization. Sometimes you can check for information on a restaurants shady proceedings.

Your Facebook newsfeed:
Why: Your friends are more likely to know about a job opening for a position that needs to be filled rather quickly. A private message will reach an employer faster than ever will.
How to use it: Log on then scroll and troll to your heart’s content.
What to watch out for: Yourself. If your Facebook doesn’t have a filter and your privacy settings aren’t in place, it can easily push prospective employers away.

Why: Twitter is still a bit of ‘best kept secret’ for job hunters. Your network truly is your net worth and applying to companies, along with professionals affiliated with those companies, inside of your industry of interest
How to use it: Scroll daily. Make yourself presentable to employers by retweeting news and information that is relative. Mold your profile to that of an interviewee. The interview process is constant.
Why: Probably an underused resource amongst the broke ass community but a job is a job, right?
How to use it: Walk-ins are accepted however, usually people are referred from an outside company.

Why: Workforce1 has daily recruitment events in every borough and in every industry.
How to use it: Log on to and become a member, you’ll have the option to confirm which three industries most interest you and receive updates on job offers.
What to watch out for: Intense recruiters. They will make it seem like hunger games when in all actuality, finding and obtaining a new job really isn’t that scary as long as you’re professional.
Why: is perfect for the experienced and also ‘experienced’ front of house and back of house professionals.
How to use it: Create your account and receive updates via email and information on open calls.
What to watch out for: All of the competition. The restaurant industry is extremely competitive and this site is usually not the only place a restaurant will post a job opening.



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Freddie Cosmo - Associate Debtitor

Freddie Cosmo - Associate Debtitor

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