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Fun Free Events Happening in the NOW! Festival

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From April 19th to 25th, the Panhandle is going to be full of awesome and free events!

NOW!? What in God’s name is that?
It’s a community festival that’s put on by the community. It’s a week of events to get out in the streets, meet our neighbors, and spread a little chaos and a little joy. There are like 70 events spread over the week.

70 events huh? Where can I check them out?
See the full sched at !


Sunday the 19th – Kubb — a lawn game created by vikings


What? Kubb. Throw femurs at skulls and kings. (Never heard of it? Check out this amazing video.)

Where and when? Fell and Clayton, 11:30 am.

Monday the 20th – Peanut Butter Jelly Parklet


What? Peanut Butter Jelly Time Peanut Butter Jelly Time.

Where and when?  Haight St near Clayton, 1 pm.

Tuesday the 21st- Jam session in St. Cyprian’s Church


What? Rock out in St. Cyprian’s, where everything sounds good thanks to the amazing acoustics.

Where and when? St. Cyprian’s, Turk and Lyon. 7:30 – 10 pm

Wednesday the 22nd — Tetherball!


What? I challenge you to a game (match?) of tetherball. Some kind soul has attached a ball to a street sign in front of 611 Baker at Fulton. I will try to wrap it around the pole clockwise while you attempt the same counter-clockwise. I’ll even give you the uphill ground. NOON.

Thursday the 23rd – Referee the Wiggle


What? Dress as a referee and hand out yellow and red cards to bad cyclists (and maybe some cars and peds too).

Hoodline: Misbehaving Wiggle Cyclists To Be Publicly Shamed

Where and when? Waller and Steiner – The Wiggle. 3 pm.

Friday the 24th – Midnight pajama silent disco


What: Silent disco + pajamas + midnight

Where and when: Location is a secret. It will be revealed before the event.

Saturday the 25th – Decentralized dance party


What: Mobile dance party.

Where and when: TBD. Stay tuned.

We don’t, unfortunately, have space here to cover all the weirdness and coolness. Peruse the events below and check for details on all events!

The NOW! Festival


record swap. swing dancing. slackline. kubb. easter egg hunt. wheeled congregation. beach volleyball. chalk. field day. silent disco. healing. yoga. doggie costume parade. ukeleles. cookies. art. jazz organ. yoga again.


yoga. PB&J parkletseed bombs. 4/20 cleanupknots. board game night. healthy food. community brainstormbooks. pub quiz. improv.


capoeira. Earth Day. Air Raid! speed dating, Bibliobicicleta, nature film, banned book-club, hacker salon, St. Cyprians jam, Brass Magic.


morning yoga. photo booth. tetherball. music and art. 1930s SF movies. cheese book.


capoeira. mid-day party. ref the wiggle. yoga 1 2. storytellers. house show. nonviolent communication.


board-game potluck. edible plants. free flowers. garden. game group. DMV concierge. Magic: the Gathering. park cleanup. giant crossword. Wiggle Happy Hour. book swap. meditation. mystic tea. folked. B-movie extravaganza. Midnight pajama silent disco.


garden. chalk. b-ball. mobile bike repair. high-five bike ride. geo-caching.  decentralized dance partyclosing ceremonies.



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