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Rory Scovel : Comedian You Should Know

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The ‘Comedian You Should Know’ series highlights funny people performing in San Francisco. We’d simply like to give some dedicated press to people who make us laugh.  Rory Scovel is making everyone laugh lately, his material and delivery feels fresh and original and he is at SF’s own Punchline June 18th – 20th

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Along with the touring the country and performing stand-up on Conan Rory Scovel has appeared on several popular podcasts, including Comedy Bang Bang with Scott Aukerman, Doug Loves Movies with Doug Benson, Sklarbro Country with The Sklar Brothers, The Nerdist Podcast with Chris Hardwick, You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes, Maximum Fun‘s Stop Podcasting Yourself, and The Todd Glass Show.  He was nice enough to answer a few of my questions before he holds court at the legendary Punchline here in SF.

When was your first set, and how did it go?
My first set was in December of 2003 at a an open-mic poetry night in Spartanburg, SC. I invited tons of college friends to come out. Luckily they were still around before the holiday break. It went really well, mostly because of their support I think.

What was your first job?
My first actual paid standup job was emceeing at the DC Improv for Bobcat Goldthwait.

Did you ever have a fun night out in San Francisco? Any particularly crazy ones?
Nothing in particular. I love SF. Anytime I’m up here for shows or whatever its almost always a fun time.

Who’s funnier in person Conan O’Brien or Todd Glass?
There isn’t a single person on this planet that is funnier in person than Todd Glass. When he is on fire you have to get away from him to stop laughing and just relax. Its the best.

‘SF based comic Matt Lieb asked me to ask you: ‘You’ve done one Conan set where you had piano accompaniment, and one where you did the whole set in a southern accent. How the hell did you get away with that?’
I think I was able to pull it off because of JP Buck, the booker at Conan. He respects what comedians do in their acts when they aren’t on tv. Lots of bookers try to take what you do and fit it into the comedy of the show that they have or overwork it to what they want it to be. That isn’t what we usually do. My act on the road and during spots in LA is to just have fun, to do a character if it feels funny. I love JP and I love that he sees that and wants to figure out how to get that fun on tv for me instead of changing it.

Do you have a favorite 1 liner?
I can barely remember my own act most of the time. I probably do, somewhere buried in my brain.

Planning a follow up to Dilation?
I did a vinyl release with Third Man Records of different material but haven’t yet felt the urge to do another album. I know that I will at some point. I just like to wait until I really want to do it instead of feeling the need to do something.

Have anything else coming up?
Hopefully my special will soon see the light of day. It was shot in February of 2014 and it will be out and available to the public very soon.

GET YOUR TICKETS for Rory Scovel  Cory Loykasek, hosted by Red Scott:

with Cory Loykasek and Red Scott
Thu, Jun 18, 8:00pm, Tickets $18.50
Fri, Jun 19, 8:00 & 10:00pm, Tickets $22.50
Sat, Jun 20, 7:30 & 9:30pm, Tickets $22.50

Punch Line Comedy Club – San Francisco
444 Battery Street, San Francisco, CA 94111

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