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Updated: Nov 01, 2015 23:34
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Districts for Weekend 3 of the 40th San Francisco Open Studios:  SOMA, Tenderloin, MIDMA, Downtown, Potrero Hill, Dogpatch, Bayview, Portola, Excelsior, Balboa Park


Amy Ahlstrom

amy a

Amy Ahlstrom is the cover artist for ArtSpan’s 40th Open Studios. The cover quilt is a tribute to Ocean Avenue in San Francisco’s Ingleside neighborhood. “I love the old signage on the avenue, and I wanted to include landmarks like Beep’s Burgers and essentially create a portrait of the neighborhood that is both real and imagined,” said Ahlstrom.
Her favorite thing about being a part of SF Open Studios is the opportunity to meet new people and to get a chance to interact one-on-one with the public. “I’m so grateful for ArtSpan’s incredible dedication to and support of artists in the city. ArtSpan’s SF Open Studios makes it possible for me to continue to produce and display work and have an actual career as an artist.”

SoMa Artists’ Studios #18
689 Bryant Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

Paul Cartier

unnamed (3)

Paul Cartier has been with ArtSpan off and on for last 10 years, and he has lived in San Francisco for 37 years. This year, he will be showing what he shot last year from Northern California up into Oregon along highway 395. Cartier feels that this highway is a special place for him, and one day he decided to just start photographing it and making it into a series. This weekend, his work will mostly feature East Central Oregon and then going to the West on 395. Swing by check him out at the Merchants of Reality 9th St. at Folsom in SOMA.
Images text:
“Gas” was taken 5/14 in Mt. Vernon, Oregon. He stayed overnight in a buggy motel, but snapped some good photos at this crossroads between Hwy 395 and the John Day highway.

Merchants of Reality
9th St. at Folsom in SOMA.


Katya Leibenath

Dancer #10, 60x48

With a color palate similar to the likes of Deibenkorn, and thickness of paint like Wayne Theibeaud, Katya is known for her exploration of San Francisco landscapes from her German perspective. Now, on view for Week 3, at 1097 Revere Ave., Studio C – 1, San Francisco, is Katya’s incorporation of the architectural with the figurative. Unlike many figurative fine art pieces that dissect line, form, and movement as the main element, these paintings incorporate the momentary essence of time and place.  Long legged dancers, stand still, in place, with petticoats covered in an umbrella-like shape, inviting the viewer into each composition and layer of paint. Beginning in 2006, Katya used to show her work at Art Explosion, the 17th and Portrero location, then she ventured to the 1890 Bryant location, now her San Francisco landscape and dancing series can be bought and found in the Bayview Studios of San Francisco, Oct.31 & Nov. 1.

Where: 1097 Revere Ave. Studio C -1, San Francisco, CA, 94124

When: Oct. 31 & Nov. 1, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Sandra Davis
Missing Image

Sandra Davis has created her own niche in modern and contemporary art. Once a teacher at the Art Institute of Chicago, and San Francisco Art Institute, Davis is also well known for her film, Ignorance Before Malice, a former official selection by San Francisco International Film Festival, and her other film showcases at MOMA, New York, and MOMA, Pompidou, Paris. With an alchemic process, Davis explores, through different mediums, parallel universes that intentionally or accidentally collide. Ignorance Before Malice was inspired by the American medical system, with Davis personally describing a journey into our American disability system. Hoping to expose the physical limitations of mortality to her artwork’s onlookers, Davis used MRI cells and reworked the images, and utilized “stop action” animation with both digital and emulsion based techniques while incorporating audio. Her All that Remains Series are originally 16mm frame stills combined with digital scans edited into collage form, and are able to be mounted on wall form. A variety of her prints will be on view this Open Studios weekend #3. As for Sandra’s original 16mm films, they are shown today on digital video copies and distributed by Filmmakers Cooperative, NY, and Light Cone, Paris, France.

Where: SOMA, 16 Sherman Room #4, San Francisco, CA 94103

When: Oct. 31 & Nov. 1, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.


Spencer Aldworth Brown

High Water Line is the name of Spencer Browns most recent photography series, which captures images from the perspective of our Pacific Ocean and our Bay Area’s Hunter’s Point. Wearing a wetsuit, and using a water resistant camera, Brown explores our rising waterlines from views that a buoy or a floating piece of debris would have. Although there may be a personal uneasiness to some of these images once knowing the subject matter, Spencer chooses angles rarely covered that reveal the undiscovered spectacular of San Francisco. His “Immersive” photographs may be seen at:

Mullen Brothers Imaging, 2040 Oakdale Ave., San Francisco, CA 94124
Oct. 31 & Nov. 1, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.


Kindergarden Graduate and Amateur Cosmonaut Alex Mak Picks

Tamera Avery

This year I saw a painting of a woman’s hand, hung amongst hundreds of other works, it stood out as if it were bathed in it’s own light.  There’s a tremendous amount communicated through Avery’s work, it’s cliche to say that it ‘speaks to you’, but it seems to. You don’t see many painted portraits that capture the likeness of subject while simultaneously showing you how the artist themselves actually sees the subject.

1097 Revere Avenue, Studio C-1,‪#‎C4‬


Journal Building

Bird Song #3 mural by Joshua Coffy
22 artists in residence at the Journal building, with Coffy’s Bird Song #3 mural on the side of it.  There’s some good bang for your buck here.

Pod 1: 3rd FloorTisha Kenny Kristine Brandit Shane Izykowski Catherine Kiwala Michelle Morrison Uma Rani lyli
Pod 2: 2nd Floor Anthony Locher Sherry Schaffer Rachel Sagar Daniela Semeco Hannah Stahulak Denise Laws Taiko Fujimura Lexie Bouwsma Claire Elliott
Pod 3: 2nd Floor Nancer LeMoins LE BohemianMuse Ana Aranda AOK Spencer Brown Eduardo Loyd Rachel Styer

Artists Residency at the Journal Building
1540 Market Street, Floors 2 & 3
San Francisco, CA, 94102

Oct 30 – Nov 1,
Fri 6-9pm
Sat & Sun 11am-6pm, San Francisco

Sofia Carmi
Color and movement in an artists colony on Potraro Hill, The Goodman #2 community is a nice stop for some storied sf artistry.

1695 18th Street Room #316
San Francisco, CA 94107

SOMA Artist Studios

This stop is a doozy, a crowd favorite, 30 some artists, if you’re SOMA bound it’s a must. It will be closing after this weekend!

Oct 30th / 6 to 9pm /
Sat & Sun Oct 31st/ Nov 1st –11am-6pm

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