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Super Bowl 50 Traffic Maps & Infographics

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Super Bowl 50 is coming to Santa Clara CA!  So naturally they decided to build a corporate sponsored ‘city’, 50 miles north of it in downtown San Francisco.  Which is great if you flew here from Milwaukee to try the Pepsi challenge, but pretty unfortunate if you are trying to get to work like a normal person Mon-Fri next week.  The ferry terminals are over packed, MUNI lines are sure to be overwhelmed, and of course streets all around the Embarcadero will be shut down.  Many non-retail businesses in the financial district have cancelled work outright next week…there is simply nowhere to park…or presumably walk.

But have no fear, we have you covered!  Early this morning Super Bowl City released new maps and schedules to help you understand new transportation schedules, potential outages, & traffic due to the building of Super Bowl City, which opens Saturday, Jan 30th.

Muni Map sb Finalz

In case you plan on driving the 50 miles to Santa Clara to visit its lovely strip malls and tech campuses, here is the Google traffic report for all of next week:

Highway Commute and Traffic Map
superbowl commute google map

On a positive note, the Bay Lights on the Bay Bridge will be turned back on Saturday night, there will also be Chris Isaak performing on the stage downtown, but more importantly the Justice for Mario Woods March to Super Bowl City is going down at 11am.

The Bar Worker’s Ball at Rickshaw stop Tuesday, Feb 2nd is an awesome free event for anyone who works in the service industry and the Super Bowl Protest: Tackle Homelessness will be a great opportunity to stand up for those who have been pushed aside on Wednesday February 3rd.

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