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Super Bowl 50: The Good, the Bad…the Free Stuff.

Updated: Feb 01, 2016 21:50
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Super Bowl 50! The chaos and glory of football has descended onto Downtown SF and created a storm of happy and angry people alike. I love football. A LOT. So, I’m not one of the SB50 dissenters.

It is known that San Francisco heinously mishandled the NFL and SB50 Host Committee negotiations. Ed Lee and the supervisors really screwed up the economics behind this event and it goes back to the city letting the Niners leave SF in 2014 and the how the Super Bowl bid factored into that decision. Bad deal all around. We can’t fix that now unfortunately.

You know about the street closures and bus route changes. If you really want to get downtown without walking a few additional blocks, try bike share.

You know about Ed Lee wanting to kick the homeless out of downtown. As it goes with all large national events, Homeland Security will be enforcing semi-serious security measures. They will close off the area surrounding SB City, check id’s and bags and the area will be closed after hours. Which means the homeless who typically stay in that area will have to go elsewhere or find shelter. Where that in itself is terrible, the bigger concern should be focused on San Francisco’s entire homeless population that are currently being affected by the extreme weather conditions of El Niño which will prove problematic way beyond the the next couple weeks.

You also know about the endless pay-to-play parties that will be flocked with tech glitterati, actual celebrities, and folks so rich that money is coming out of their every orifice. Some are sold out (Metallica) and others are invite only (Maxim SB50 Party), none of which are less than 1K a ticket.

But do you know about the FREE STUFF that Super Bowl City is hosting from Saturday, Feb 30 – Sunday Feb 6? All kid friendly!

Always and forever!
  • Bay Lights are back! They’ll be officially turned back on permanently Saturday, Jan. 30 at 7:25 p.m. during the opening night of SB50 Week.
  • Free Concerts – Crazy sexy Chris Isaak will open the week’s free concerts on Saturday, Jan 30 on the City Stage with tons of local and big name performers following each day. I hope he sings Wicked Games! Equally sexy Alicia Keys will be performing Saturday, Feb. 6th.
  • Photo ops with mostly-retired-yet-still-significant athletes of the football nature. One of my favorite Niners will be there on Saturday, Feb 6th – NaVorro Bowman!!!
  • Meet and Greets with the Niner’s Gold Rush Cheerleaders and Sourdough Sam. (Yes, that’s the Niner mascot’s name)
  • Interactive booths:
    • Learn the science behind football at the Chevron STEM Zone where all ages of tech curious folks can fiddle around with various technologies as well as test the trajectory of vintage and contemporary footballs.
    • Try on actual football gear and debate the effects of concussions and mental health of players at Dignity Health.
    • See if your touchdown dance generates enough power to take a photo to post on Facetweetagram at the Hyundai Lounge
Sourdough Sam – complete with hipster beard!

There will be all kinds of booths and things to interact with and see in Super Bowl City that don’t cost anything.  This week doesn’t have to be about anger and dissent towards our city officials and the big corporate monster. Go out and have fun in SF as the rest of the country watches and sees how amazing it truly is and why we all love living here!

Side note: I’m rooting for the Panthers!!! Coach Ron Rivera is one of only three Latino head coaches EVER in the history of the NFL. The other two are Tom Flores for the Raiders (80’s) & Tom Fears for Saints (60’s). Rivera’s the second Latino head coach to get to a Super Bowl. He also played for UC Berkeley! Go Bears!

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