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Broke-Ass Stuart Narrowly Misses Pulitzer for ‘Poop Video’

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The 100th annual Pulitzer Prizes were handed out on Monday, bringing honors to the AP for a series that freed thousands of slaves, a Washington Post database that tracked deadly police shootings in the U.S., and a hip-hop themed Broadway musical about Alexander Hamilton.

Raul Botellero photography

Pulitzer 2016 Breaking News Photography by Raul Botellero

But many were shocked to learn of being snubbed by the Pulitzer Board for its incredible and daring poop exposé drawn on the streets of San Francisco. Journalist & Mayoral candidate Stuart Schuffman had this to say:

“You know how much poop I had to look at in order to make this video?”

The video was viewed over 150k times across social media and brought poop to the forefront of a very important election. It filled the hearts and minds of Bay Area residents with the hope that they may one day cast-off the fecal chains set forth by their Mayor, and walk proudly on their sidewalks, without stepping in human doo-doo.

This article is of course satire, and in no way wishes to diminish the brave and incredibly important work done by journalists around the globe. Their tremendous work shines light on our world and helps us all to be more informed, honest, and safe as a result. We love journalists, but also thought this was hilarious.

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