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11 Workshops You Can Take at the Republican National Convention

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Well it’s finally upon us. The national gathering of Rich Old White Men. After feeding the hate machine for so long by convincing working class white people that Black/Muslim/Mexican/Gay/etc people are the real reason they aren’t millionaires, the Republican Party has managed to unleash a monster that can’t put back in the cage.

That’s right, this week is the Republican National Convention where the Greedy Old Party will be officially nominating a tiny fingered, Cheeto-faced, ferret wearing, shitgibbon as their presidential candidate. Jesus Christ…I can’t believe people are really gonna vote for Donald Trump.

Anyways, here are some of the excellent and informative workshops you can take if you attend the Republican National Convention:


* Explaining All Lives Matter to Your Black Friend


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* Convincing Poor White People They Have the Same Interests as Rich White People

* Gun Safety for Toddlers

* How to Use a Gender Neutral Bathroom

* Time Management 101: How to Find Time to Campaign for Trump While Working 3 crappy, part-time jobs to make ends meet

* How to Build Massive Walls Using Other People’s Money

* Because We Know Better: How Men Can Prevent Women from Getting Abortions (and not have to use condoms!)

* Logo Design For Beginners


* Jesus, Capitalism and Reinterpreting the Bible to Fit

* Women in the Workplace: New Challenges in Paying Them Less

* Gun Crimes, the NRA and You: Mastering the Art of Cognitive Dissonance


Shout out to the following members of Team BAS for coming up with these hilarious (and terrifyingly possible) workshop ideas: Sheilah Villari, Heather Robinson, Amiee Kushner, Michael Warner, Candace Cui,

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