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New Mural to Replace The Iconic ‘Generator’ in The Mission

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You know that dope mural on 18th & Lexington entitled Generator by artists Andrew Schoultz & Aaron Noble?  Well the entire building is in need of repairs and is scheduled to be repainted…but before you lament the loss of yet another iconic piece of Mission District art, you can take solace in the fact that the fine folks at Lexington Standard ( 3469 18th St. SF) secured the same artists to paint a NEW MURAL on the freshly renovated wall this summer!

mission street art

Andrew Schoultz & Aaron Noble, Generator, 2002. Image courtesy of Andrew Schoultz.

Mark Lee Morris and Andrew Soernsen, owners of Mission boutiques Lexington Standard and Aggregate Supply tell us that the new large-scale mural references the gentrification of the Mission and the departure of the middle class and artist communities.

“The ephemeral nature of Public art is one that cannot be denied. Nothing lasts forever and nor should it,” says artist Andrew Schoultz. “As artists, Aaron and I are more than thrilled to have had a mural run on 18th and Lexington for almost 15 years. We would have been happy with 5.  We are very happy that so many people enjoyed our piece and it achieved so much notoriety. However as neighborhoods change and transition, so must their painted walls. While this mural will no longer be here, I look forward to creating something new and fresh for this location and neighborhood, as does Aaron. A new and exciting piece will begin to come alive in the near future.”

lex street view

Street View of the Lexington Standard and Generator at 3469 18th Street San Francisco, California 94110

Via Lexington Standard – “Schoultz and Noble plan to use aviary imagery, also seen in the original, in the new incarnation of the mural. The new mural will depict a flock of birds, referencing the quick gentrification of San Francisco, and the apparent soaring departure of the hard-working middle and lower income artists, restaurant workers, childcare workers & bartenders, etc. After losing his studio space in the Mission nearly three years ago, Schoultz relocated to Los Angeles, so the new mural references his personal experience in and away from San Francisco.”

Work on the new mural will begin late August, to be completed middle of September.

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