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The ‘Sexy’ Halloween Costumes That Should Not Exist

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Halloween weekend is probably the biggest party weekend of the year in San Francisco (check out our guide to the best events) . Why? Because it’s the last good weather of ‘SF summer’ before November hits, because daylight savings time always arrives at midnight giving everyone an extra hour to party, because wearing costumes and playing a different character each night is as San Franciscan as it comes. This year is particularly insane because Halloween is on a Monday.

With that said, there is generally an over emphasis on ‘sexy’ every Halloween.  In fact, many use it as an excuse to dress scantily, and some simply take it too far.  Every year there are always those ‘sexy’ costumes that shouldn’t be.  Those costumes that make you pause and say, “Wow, that was gross.” 2016 is no exception, and here they are:

Bro Idiot Costume
sexy h 6

Please leave the party and get hit by a bus

Incest Cheer

sexy h 1

“Daddy’s Girl Sexy Cheerleader Costume” by Forplay

Seriously, WTF?

Sexy Ken Bone Costume

sexy ken bone costume

Please exit the “Bone Zone’ immediately.

Sexy Corn?

sex h 4

Sexy Corn by

They’re really aren’t words to describe this idea.

Party in my pants

sexy h 7

Guaranteed to have you partying all by yourself.

Sexy Sesame Street

sexy h 5

Please leave Big Bird alone you harpy.

Sexy Hillary


This is not feminism.  You suck.

Not Sexy Vampire


sexy h 8

Are you a vampire or a douche bag?  Either way, you can’t come in.

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