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We wanna send you a copy of Judson Vereen’s ‘American Pleasure: A Psycho-Sexual Novel’

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american pleasure


American Pleasure is a psycho-sexual first person narrative by American artist Judson Vereen. Set in San Francisco, the work explores exactly one year of the writers various personal struggles within a rapidly changing city. Judson, the books author and narrator, is a high school drop out resigned to inner city bohemia. He gives a tell-all account of his various bouts with addiction, financial insecurity and uncontrollable sexual impulses, all while pursuing his training as an EMT, his “only salvation”. His struggles are exacerbated when he becomes romantically entangled with the magnetic Lindsay Larson, a local budding Adult film star. The author falls in love with Lindsay, just as she gains notoriety in the world of hardcore pornography and extreme disgrace sex, throwing him into a whirlwind of turmoil, desperation and obsession. The author reveals thoughts on various themes ranging from urban vice, sexual humiliation, and recovery. The book is a reflection of the turbulent times in which it was written.

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