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People Are Painting the Mezzanine like Chili’s in Protest

Updated: Nov 28, 2018 13:52
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Corporate evil-doers are booting the legendary Mezzanine in exchange for some plush office space. For all intents and purposes, it seems like a very sad done deal.

But a group of people have started a Facebook event with the goal of saving the Mezz by hiding it in plain sight and almost 600 people have already signed up to help. The plan is to show up on Oct. 31, 2019 with some paint and change the face of the building to look like a Chili’s.

The new Chili’s look proposed for the front of the Mezzanine. Photo courtesy of Kaleb White/Facebook

The hope is that the landlord will be utterly confused when they roll up to check on their cash cow and instead find the red and white Tex-Mex chain with a sandwich board offering a fajita special for two.

“Without swift intervention our safe space will be transformed into a dull and dreary place of work and that, my friends, can not happen,” Kaleb White and Matthew Zaso via Facebook.

Will it stop the overlords from forcing out the venue space we’ve all come to know and love? Maybe not. But…it sure will be fun to watch their reactions as hungry tourists stop by to ask when Happy Hour starts.

If you’ve got some painting skills and want to do your part to save The Mezz, or if you’re just into the idea of pissing off a few developers and owners, check out the Facebook page here to get details and updates.

Let’s hope the group gets thousands of costumed protesters armed with paint brushes to flood the front of Mezzanine for some guerrilla-style redecorating. If the act doesn’t stop the takeover, people will at least rack up one last awesome memory there.

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