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Nine Fun Ways to Boycott the Super Bowl

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Maybe you’re like Nik, and you’re boycotting the Super Bowl and the NFL. Or  maybe you’re just not feeling the Super Bowl this year and want another option for your night. Perhaps you’ve never been much of a football fan to begin with. With the Super Bowl fast approaching you need a fun alternative — and a well-crafted excuse (in case “Let’s Boycott the Super Bowl” won’t cut it)  — to avoid all the viewing parties going on.

Gather a group of other people who would like to boycott the Super Bowl, or just opt out of the fanfare this year and decide on a different way to spend your day. To get the ideas rolling, here are nine things to do besides going to a Super Bowl party.

1. Pull Out the Board Games

Even though you won’t be cheering on a football team, you can keep the spirit of competition alive with a board game night. Either set out your childhood favorites like Monopoly or Candy Land or try a more complicated game like Settlers of Catan with your friends.

2. Have a Movie Marathon

Resolve to have a different kind of viewing party by picking a movie series to binge watch. If you can convince your crew to watch Harry Potter for the thousandth time, props to you. If TV shows are more appealing to your friends, catch up on recent episodes of your preferred show.

This fantastic drunk karaoke photo is from Lucky Voice

3. Do a Karaoke Night

Despite how your singing voice actually sounds, a good old-fashioned karaoke night can be an entertaining substitute for attending a Super Bowl party. Invite friends over to take turns belting out some throwback hits, if that’s your guilty pleasure. You can have a lively evening full of music and laughter without checking the score.

4. Host a Cookout

Without the game on, you can devote all your focus to the real star of the Super Bowl — the food. Get your friends together for a cookout with plenty of burgers, hot dogs and sausages to celebrate the second biggest grilling week of the year. You can savor all the flavors of the game without rooting for either team. It’s the most delicious way to boycott the Super Bowl.

5. Play Flag Football

Rather than concentrating on how professionals play the game, get on the field to show your skill at flag football. Bundle up in warm clothes, then take a trip to the park with a group of friends for a friendly game. Raise the stakes in your game by setting an amusing prize or bet. You can make things interesting by having the losing team wash the dishes later on.

6. Volunteer

For a helpful diversion while you boycott the Super Bowl, volunteer at your favorite organization. You can give back and spend your time contributing for a worthwhile day. You can invest your time into many kinds of nonprofits, but why not ask your local animal shelter if you can walk one of their dogs for them? Clothing-based charities and homeless assistance programs are a few others to consider.

Photo of awesome folks volunteering at Glide.

7. Donate Your Used Items

It’s a prime time to clean out your closet, but put your items to good use before you discard them. Use Super Bowl Sunday to bring your old clothes and belongings by a few thrift stores and charities. From books to electronics, you can find a suitable place to pass your possessions on to.

8. Take on a DIY Project

Get crafty to spend your time away from the Super Bowl in a productive way. Maybe you’ve collected DIY ideas on Pinterest, and you’re dying to try them out — well, now’s your chance. Construct a new piece of furniture for your home or up-cycle an old one for a hands-on experience.

9. Organize a Scavenger Hunt

You’re never too old for a scavenger hunt — because you can turn this adventure into an adult activity. You can explore your city in a new way by hopping from one attraction to the next, or you can personalize it to correspond with some of your friends’ hangout spots. Don’t forget to bring along a camera to capture your night.

Find a Fun Alternative to a Super Bowl Party

If you’re taking a step back from the Super Bowl scene this year, you can still bring the enthusiasm and energy to another activity. Round up any other friends who aren’t going to watch the game to try one of these entertaining ideas.

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Kacey Bradley

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