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Live Nation Is Selling Tons of Tickets for $20 This Week

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Broke as hell and want to see a show? Live Nation just kicked off National Concert Week with a week-long sale of concert tickets for…wait for it…$20!

According the Live Nation site, if you’ve got about a dub (plus tax) and act fast, you can score tickets to more than 2800 events and more than 500 artists on select dates. From May 1 through May 7, the ticketing agency is offering up a huge variety of musicians and comedians  in genres as widespread as Kim Kardashian’s rear with prices hovering just around the $20 mark – with a few bucks more or less, depending on the show of your choice.

Photo by Anthony Delanoix on Unsplash.

Beck with Cage The Elephant at the Shoreline? Boom! $20 gets you a lawn ticket for July 16. Take it or leave it!

Wiz Khalifa at *Concord Pavilion? Roll up with $18.75 for a large selection of seats at that price on Aug. 11.

How about some Cake and Ben Folds at the Shoreline? $20 will take you the distance for a grassy knoll ticket on Sept. 13.

You know you want to get in on some Wu-Tang Clan at the Shoreline, don’t you? $28 will get you as high as Wu-Tang get up on the lawn June 22.  (Note: When the artists you get to see number in double digits, you can shell out the extra $8 – quit whining.)

Have a child at home bouncing off the walls? Take them to KIDZ BOP Sept. 8 at Shoreline for…you guessed it, $20. (I don’t have any clever song references for this one, because KIDZ BOP.)

Anywho, the point is that if you move quickly and have the equivalent of mediocre lunch money, you can get tickets to see just about anything that floats your boat. A good show with good friends really is the right rest for the weary, so do that.

Have fun, kids!

*Wiz Khalifa was added to the Concord Pavilion lineup after we published a wee bit of a complaint piece about the lack of diversity in this year’s offerings. Maybe they were listening.



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