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Mission: Comics and Art Might be Closing & it Needs Your Help!

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Mission: Comics and Art has a special little place in my heart. When I ran for mayor in 2015, Leef Smith, the shop’s owner, not only volunteered for my campaign but also let us use his comic book shop as our unofficial headquarters. How cool is it that? So it saddened me when I heard that the shop might be facing closure.

We all know that in 2019, it’s hard to be in the book business. Then consider how niche comic books are and couple that with the fact that running and independent business in San Francisco is freakishly expensive. You can see the dilemma. The issue is that Mission Comics is more than just a comic book store, it’s a place where the community gathers. From art shows to meet-ups to events, Mission: Comics and Art is a vital part of what makes the Mission such a vibrant neighborhood. Whenever I’m there I always love seeing peoples’ faces light up when they walk in and see all the wonderful comics and toys. And that’s why Mission: Comics and Art has launched a Patreon page.

This Patreon page will give people the ability  to support Mission Comics in a way that matches the value that it has added to their lives. So if you love Mission Comics, or even just like knowing that there’s a place to buy comic books in the Mission, please go here and support them. They’ve got some really rad prizes for those who do.

Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday, May 4th.

Here’s a note from Leef about what goes on on Free Comic Book Day:

Comic stores love to giveaway free comics on Free Comic Book Day! But all these comics are not free for stores. They have to purchase them from publishers. Stores often spend hundreds of dollars on “free” comics, bring in special guests and invest a lot of time and energy making it a special day, especially for kids! It really is like Christmas for the comics world!

It’s a great day to try something new and  explore all the medium has to offer beyond just superheros. Many of the publishers have books available that tie into their FCBD books. For example, Marvel’s Avengers free comic features a preview of the just launched SAVAGE AVENGERS featuring Wolverine, Venom, Punisher and Conan!?! Making any purchase along with your free comics can really help a store out. If we don’t support the businesses we love, they will go away…

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  1. Justice
    April 20, 2020 at 7:22 am

    This shop owner using his money for prostitution. He went there for over 15years in his life. If shop owner has clear mind and determined to take care of his business i don’t see using money for prostitution. His really gross. Wish his business shut down real soon.