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Heroic Images from the Haight St Blackout Last Night

Updated: Apr 20, 2020 12:06
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At approximately 830pm in Hayes Valley, some PG&E equipment caught fire underground.  The result was a blackout for neighborhoods on the surrounding power grid.  Upper and Lower Haight St, Hayes Valley, parts of the Castro, Western Addition, even the goddamn Ballet had to close down and cancel its performance.

PG&E Map of residents effected by Blackout on Feb 12th & 13th, 2020.

As these neighborhoods descended into complete darkness, near chaos ensued.  Cars on the road, people in bars, and even ballerinas were in danger of running into one another.  Thousands of couples in the area had to stop watching Netflix and actually listen to one another’s work stories.  It was absolute bedlam.

But the night is always darkest before the dawn.  And in the darkness, some citizens stepped up and performed amazing feats of heroism.  Here are the photos sent it to us capturing the heroic acts of SF citizens during The Haight Street Blackout of 2020.

Pregnant Woman Saved from Truck accident

Here is Stacey and Mark lifting a truck off of a pregnant lady, who would have been crushed if they had not intervened.

Man Saves Infant with CPR on Laguna St.

Here is Hayes Valley resident John Brown giving CPR to an elderly man on the sidewalk. Both men survived.

French Bulldog rescued from sneezing fit on Castro St.

“I just heard a dog in distress, and I let him use my inhaler, I’m no hero.” Western Addition residence John Pickard.

In the Darkness, Two Ballerinas nearly collided but instead fell in love

In an amazing twist of fate, two ballerinas who nearly Pirouetted into each other, instead fell madly in love and are now moving to Vermont to start a family and run a cheese farm together.

Alcoholic’s Life Saved, because he could not find booze in the dark

“I looked around for at least 20 minutes, but couldn’t find shit in the dark” said local alcoholic Brian Balcoholic.

A massive fire erupted in cat hospital, and all 17 cats were rescued

Local cat lover Loraine Larooso, ran into the burning cat hospital and came out carrying 17 cats and kittens. She was treated for 2nd-degree burns and 47 claw marks.

What an incredible evening on the streets of San Francisco.  We are so glad that our readers sent in these amazing feats of heroism, and that the hardworking journalists of BAS really hit the pavement last night and captured this crisis.

If you have any images of heroism taken in last night’s blackout, please send them to

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