While Millions of Texans Freeze, Ted Cruz Goes on Cancun Vacation

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MEME (photoshop) via @HelenKennedy

As 3 million Texans shivered in the dark, with no heat or clean water during the state’s worst freeze and power outage in history, their Senator Ted Cruz, took a vacation to Cancun with his family.  People who saw him at the airport and on their plane couldn’t believe it.

The Associated Press has confirmed the story and confirmed Cruz is in Mexico as of this morning.  A GOP source also confirmed Thursday morning that Cruz was in Cancun, telling the press; “the photos speak for themselves.  Cruz, with perhaps the most tone deaf move of 2021, got a on plane to go on a tropical vacation, while his constituents literally froze to death in the dark.

A passenger on Cruz’s flight took a selfie of him over her shoulder.

The Freeze has now claimed the lives of 24 people in Texas.  2.5 million were in the dark with no heat for a third day as Cruz got on his flight.  Frozen pipes are bursting all over the state, flooding homes and businesses.  So many pipes have now burst, Texas’ governor is asking for help from out-of-state plumbers as many counties warn their water could be contaminated and needs to be boiled.

Meanwhile his Democratic rival Beto O’Rourke, who currently holds no office in Texas, was busy helping people, he and his team made over 150k calls to Senor citizens in Texas to check in on those in the storms path.

Senator Cruz has yet to comment on his vacation, but everyone on twitter has been chirping about it.  No one can resist pilling on Ted Cruz.

The story is Trending #1 on Twitter, with the hashtag #TedFled.

Comparisons to when Chris Christie shutdown beaches in his state, and then had a private vacation on one of them with his family, come to mind.  It is very clear that the rules only apply to us, politicians like this clearly believe themselves to be above it all.


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  1. Jenni
    February 19, 2021 at 9:24 am — Reply

    FYI, they left the family dog alone in the house with no power.

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