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Are Vaccinated and Non-Vaccinated Sections a Possibility at Restaurants?

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It’s been over twenty years since there’s been smoking and non-smoking sections in California restaurants. Smoking was banned in the state back in 1998 and New York followed suit in 2003. These days, smoking in a restaurant is as unlikely as acid washed jeans making a comeback or a successful reboot of The Cosby Show. For decades, the first thing a restaurant hostess said to a customer was, “smoking or non?” Are we approaching a time when hostesses will once again ask what section people want to be seated in?

In New York State, residents who have been vaccinated for Covid have the option of downloading an app on their phone that stores a personal QR code that, along with a photo ID, authenticates a full vaccination. President Biden’s administration is looking to organize more of these vaccine passports in the hope that they could literally be the golden tickets to gathering safely in groups. While Marjorie Taylor Green, state representative for Georgia and dried dingleberry on the ass of humanity, calls the vaccine passport “Biden’s Mark of the Beast,” it does mean that some places of business could request the passport from their customers. It seem possible that customers could request to sit in a vaccinated or non-vaccinated section in a restaurant.

Think about it. If someone is fully vaccinated and only wants to surround themselves with other fully vaccinated people and feel comfortable when removing their mask, they could sit in the vaccinated section at a restaurant. In this section, the servers will also be vaccinated and masks will not be necessary. There would be no need for digital menus and the tables could have salt and pepper shakers on them that don’t have to be scrubbed down with bleach every twenty minutes. During the course of their meal, it could be like 2019 all over again or even like Australia is right now.

On the other hand, unvaccinated people who don’t care if they catch Covid and spread it around like herpes can slide into a booth only inches away from other likeminded mouth breathers. They can spew out droplets of bacteria-ridden saliva all over their friends and fellow customers. Their section would be at the front of the restaurant so as not to contaminate the vaccinated section. We wouldn’t want them straying into the land of the fully vaccinated and possibly spreading some of their germs to someone else who might end up carrying them out of the restaurant. They’d stay in their little section where tap water is served with a side of hand sanitizer that would go completely ignored.

As vaccinated customers walk through the unvaccinated section, they’d wear their masks just to show that they have respect for others. It’d be like walking through the monkey section of a zoo except, instead of monkey throwing out their poop, there would be men throwing out their backs as they bend over to avoid science. After walking through two different doorways of plastic strips and one more doorway with an air curtain, they’d find themselves in the safety of their own hermetically sealed world of sanity.

Of course we don’t know if this is going to happen, but the possibility is there. With these new vaccine passports, it does present the opportunity for businesses to choose who they serve. Maybe concerts or theaters will only permit people to buy tickets if they can prove they have been vaccinated. Perhaps Uber drivers would only accept customers who can show their digital vaccine passport. It’s a new world we live in, but it doesn’t seem that unlikely that a restaurant hostess could soon say, “Hello and welcome. Would you like vaccinated or non?”


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Bitchy Waiter

Bitchy Waiter

Darron Cardosa is a writer, actor, singer, and waiter. He lives and and works in New York City and enjoys "The Brady Bunch," "The Facts of Life" and cocktails almost as much as he hates your baby.

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  1. L. Mar
    April 8, 2021 at 4:01 pm — Reply

    I’d certainly be up for that. I’m fully vac’d & ready to get out.
    But, I surely won’t patronize ANY business that doesn’t have measures in place to protect their customers or staff.

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