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18 May 2022

Stop Blaming Servers for Restaurant Prices!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last several months, you probably know that inflation in our country is at it’s highest point since 1982. Seriously, the last time inflation hit this hard, Olivia Newton-John was singing about Jazzercise and E.T. was phoning home about it. Prices are

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02 Mar 2022

10 Things Servers Want You to Know About Them

When people go out to eat at their favorite restaurant, plenty of them pay no mind to the person who is serving them. Customers might grunt out an obligatory hello or let their eyes glance up to their server for a brief moment, but far too many of them completely

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16 May 2022

The June 2022 BAS Voter Guide

This guide was done in conjunction with the League of Pissed Off Voters. – If you’d like to help pass out the printed voter guides, email the League at – Want to get involved in the endorsement process? Learn more right here. Dear San Francisco, We love you, but

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23 Feb 2022

Stop Dragging Waiters and Waitresses on Yelp!

The online review platform known as Yelp first slithered onto the Internet all the way back in 2004. Britney Spears and Paris Hilton were the reigning queens of pop culture at the time and people were still poking each other and throwing sheep on Facebook. There are almost 200 million

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16 Feb 2022

Why Are Restaurants So Expensive Now?

Maybe you’ve noticed that going out to eat in a restaurant is more expensive than it ever used to be. The last time inflation was this high in our country, people were still talking about who shot J.R. (Dallas was a top TV show in 1982 and J.R. Ewing was

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09 Feb 2022

Working in a Restaurant Should Be Required for Every Single Citizen

The world would be a much more empathetic planet if people were able to put themselves into the shoes of others. More specifically, if people put themselves into the ugly, non-slip shoes of their server, maybe customers would be a bit more understanding when their well-done strip steak takes a

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02 Feb 2022

The 10 Most Disgusting Things Ever Seen at a Buffet Restaurant

Buffet restaurants are world-renowned for their endless supply of delicacies from mashed potatoes to meatloaf to chocolate meringue pie. Diners can return to the steam table and scoop pile upon pile of food onto their plates even though they have absolutely no intention of eating all of it. People tend

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26 Jan 2022

The Real Reasons Restaurants Are Short Staffed

Unless you’ve been living under a Covid-free rock for the last 18 months you’ve probably heard there’s a serious shortage of restaurant workers in this country. It seems that after years of customers telling waiters and waitress to go get “real jobs,” that’s exactly what they did. The Bureau of

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18 Jan 2022

The 17 Jokes Your Server is Tired of Hearing

When some people go out to a restaurant, they suddenly think they’re a comedian auditioning for their own special on Netflix. They’ll reach into their dusty bag of Dad jokes and serve them up one after another. They think they’re channeling Kathy Griffin or Dave Chappelle when really they’re giving

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