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We Wanna Give You the Rock & Roll Explorer Guide to the Bay Area

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Rock and Roll Explorer Guide to San Francisco and the Bay Area is a wild ride across our local musical history scene. From hippie folk to East Bay Punk, from Etta James to Metallica, the Bay Area has given birth to and nourished multiple generations of rockers, all of whom in turn left an indelible mark on The City. We’re excited to be giving away TWO free copies of this new book by Mike Katz and Crispin Kott! Journey across our local landscape and learn how The Bay shaped the music you know and love.

Books can be purchased here, or enter to win your very own copy below!

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Lizzie Locker - Events Editor

Lizzie Locker - Events Editor

Lizzie Locker has been an artist, entertainer, and “glamour girl” since birth. Since 2017, Lizzie has been writing professionally for small businesses, as well as creatively. She has published essays in VIE Magazine, and has written website and social media content for pole dance studios, afterschool programs, and reference sites. At the same time, Lizzie has also continued to develop her performance career at queer nightlife events across the Bay Area. She can be found both onstage and off, reading her stories aloud in bars, emceeing drag and burlesque shows, and producing arts events that defy genre and expectation.