It’s Official — SF Bars To Require Proof Of Vaccination, Starting Thursday

Updated: Jul 27, 2021 15:32
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San Francisco bars have spent the last week very publicly considering whether they would require proof of COVID-19 vaccination, or at very least a negative COVID test, to enter their establishments. On Monday morning, it became official. KRON-4 reports that the San Francisco Bar Alliance will require proof of vaccination, or at least a negative COVID test in the last 72 hours, starting this Thursday, July 29.

This does not mean that every bar in San Francisco will require vaccination; but it means that the San Francisco Bar Owners Alliance, which represents several hundred SF bars, has adopted this as their official position. You should probably be ready to show proof of vaccination if you want to enter a San Francisco bar this weekend, and beyond.

The Monday morning announcement SF Bar Owners Alliance reads as follows:

The SF Bar Owner Alliance is extremely concerned by a recent uptick in cases of COVID19 among our staff members, especially those who are fully vaccinated. We believe we are obligated to protect our workers and their families and to offer a safe space for customers to relax and socialize. We have polled our membership and arrived at the following decision: 

Effective Thursday, July 29th, 2021, it will be the official position of the SF Bar Owner Alliance that any customer who wishes to remain inside our establishments show proof of vaccination or a 72-hour negative COVID19 test. Guests without these verifications are welcome to sit outside in parklets or other spaces we offer.  It will be up to each individual bar to decide how best to enforce this for their customers. 

 This decision is based solely on our need to protect our workers, customers, and their families. However, we hope it might also influence some who have not yet received vaccinations to do so as soon as they are able. We understand that the only way our society (and our businesses) can ever return to true normalcy is through higher rates of vaccinations among our residents, not just in San Francisco but across the United States of America. 

There are no consistent enforcement measures spelled out there, but a digital QR vaccine code will probably work. Here’s how to get your digital QR vaccine code, and here’s where you can get vaccinated for free in San Francisco.

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