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SF Giants Announcer Suggests Cocktails & ‘Gummies’ after Dodgers Lose

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This wouldn’t be news in San Francisco if it hadn’t happened on television, but beloved baseball announcers Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper had a short discussion on air concerning just how to celebrate Los Angeles Dodger loses.

Broadcast clip here:

Krukow: “You said it about a month ago. Just have it in your mind that the Dodgers are never going to lose.”

Kuiper: “Ever, and just be really shocked and surprised.”

Krukow: “Just be happy.”

Kuiper: “Be happy, enjoy it, have a cocktail, celebrate with some popcorn. Have a gummy, whatever! Just enjoy it.”

Krukow: “Hey, it’s legal.”

The Giants are currently in a battle for first place with the hated Dodgers, and apparently it pretty stressful, so don’t be afraid to eat some ganja food, like 71 year old Duane Kuiper, to take the edge off, hey, it’s legal!

What a legend.

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