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Fun & Unique Bay Area Date Ideas You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

Updated: May 05, 2022 11:56
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I was at the movies on a double date watching that new flick “Everything Everywhere All at Once” when I thought to myself, “this is totally that quintessential date night activity”. While you can’t really beat those tried and true date ideas, you can do better than a typical date night activity like dinner and a movie. We live in the Bay Area and there are a ton of fun things always happening. All you need to do is get yourself, and your date, a little out of your shells to enjoy a fun and unique date you’ll never forget. 
Bay Area Date Ideas - couple kissing on beach and exploratorium

Here are some fun date ideas that will get you falling in love with your date and the Bay Area.

Much of these dates are outside and probably pretty Covid-safe, too.

Take the Ferry somewhere different.

I love that the ferry system bounces you around the bay for a fairly affordable price. You can get yourself a beer onboard and discover a new part of the Bay Area together. You have time to get to know each other on the ride over and then can grab lunch or walk along the water at any of the destinations.

SF Ferry

Ferry with the skyline behind it – the best view of the city

Line Dancing at Mavericks

Hear me out. Not everyone is into country music but this would be a great date to see if this person is down to do anything with you. When my friends and I go line dancing we make fun of ourselves for stepping on our own toes the whole time. There’s really nothing like a night where you can’t stop laughing.

Go see the amazing public art at Point San Pablo

This harbor is tucked just far enough away that you feel you’ve truly escaped urban life. Take your date to the on-site BBQ joint before or after you walk around and enjoy the large art sculptures while you say hi to the goats. Point San Pablo harbor has regular events. I saw on their website they have two events this weekend if you want to take someone on an impromptu adventure. Pro-tip: Bring a blanket for evening shows. You’re right on the water and it can get chilly.

Rent a Pedal Boat at Stow Lake

The weather here is nice nearly all year round. Taking someone outside on a cute pond to pedal boat around Stow Lake is so adorable. You can get mild exercise in while you chat and talk. It can easily be coupled with a picnic before or after your boat ride. To rent a pedal boat just head to the Stor Lake Boathouse. 2-person pedal boats are only around $32 an hour.

pedal boat at Stow Lake

Cute date idea: pedal boat at Stow Lake

Play around in The Exploratorium

I’d say one of my favorite dates I’ve been on had to have been to The Exploratorium. You really see if your partner is a person who will jump in a participate or if they are “too cool for school” The Exploratorium After Dark is a weekly event every Thursday for adults with drinks, too.

Go back in time and visit The Top of The Mark for a Martini

The Mark Hopkins is one of the most iconic hotels in San Francisco and The Top of The Mark is iconic in its own right. This old-school bar will transport you back in time. It’s not a bar in which you’ll see your typical club hoppers. You’ll likely run into an older crowd. You’ll also run into a 360-degree view of the city and a menu of over 100 martinis. It’s a place you need to go to at least once in your lifetime.

Lindy Hop by Lake Merritt or in GGP

I love partner dancing, especially swing. With the weather being so lovely lately, this would be a fun and inexpensive day date. You can swing dance your way into the heart of your date in multiple locations within SF at Lindy in The Park and Oakland at Lake Merritt. Don’t know how? I bet you if you asked nicely someone there will teach you a couple of moves. The first part of each week is usually where they will dedicate some time to beginners.

Chill at an outdoor rollerskating rink

Honestly, I haven’t skated in so long I’d likely fall on my face if I put wheels on my feet. However, that being said… I’d head to just people-watch. In the East Bay, folks have been heading to Town Commons in Brooklyn Basin. Newly created in 2020, the ground is still smooth sailing. In the city, you can always catch rollers near The De Young. Fun fact: folks have been skating regularly in Golden Gate Park since the 1960s.

This weekend, my boyfriend and I are catching a show at The Greek in Berkeley. It’ll be the first show I’ve seen there since 2020 shut the world down entirely. I’m no newbie to this type of date. I’m packing a blanket and a butt pad to keep myself cozy outside. I’m not sure what my boyfriend is gonna do when he gets cold tho. 😉 

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Katy Atchison

Katy Atchison

Katy has lived in The Bay Area since the age of 3. While other kids were attending summer camp & soccer practice, she was raised selling wares at craft shows with her working artist parents and spent vacations in a small 1920s Montana log cabin. This has all given her a unique perspective on the ever-changing texture of San Francisco and the Greater Bay Area. Currently a blend of all that is The Bay Area - she's a web designer at a tech-company, artist and DIY teacher.