03 Mar 2023

Women-Owned Businesses we Love in The East Bay

GUEST POST BY NICOLE SKI You know how sometimes you see something and it says National Margarita Day, National First Born Day? I recently discovered March 8 is International Women’s Day and that the month of March is International Women’s Month. International Women’s Month has been celebrated since 1911, yes

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image of tacos and salsa with limes
08 Apr 2022

Katy’s Top 5 go-to taco spots in the East Bay

When I moved to Oakland in 2016, I started hunting for the best taco in the East Bay. At first, I looked just at taco trucks and then expanded to some beer gardens and restaurants to find my fav. At this point, my list is pretty legit, in my opinion.

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05 Jan 2016

Wanna Write for

Do you find yourself reading this site and thinking, “I’m young, broke, beautiful (or at least once was), AND I can write better than these chumps!”?  If so, now is your time to prove it. We’re currently looking to expand our author pool and we’re hoping that you, our dear

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09 Jul 2014

Rent Control in San Francisco is a Golden Handcuff

It’s a hell of a thing to know
that once you have to move,
you can never come back again.

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10 Jun 2014

Why You Should Fuck a Writer

Fuck a writer because he can make you hard or wet just by typing. Kiss him because he can turn a one night stand into a life defining poem. A weekend fling into a highly praised novella. A short love affair into a best selling book…

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08 Apr 2013

5 Ways to Kill Cockroaches on the Cheap

“What is…? Kill it! Wait, is it dragging my tennis racket?!” Growing up, I’d never seen a cockroach. When I moved to NYC, a few fellows warned of these critters, telling fables about the roaches flying, eating through concrete…and dragging tennis rackets. I’d snicker. I don’t snicker anymore. After a

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09 Mar 2012

The Ten Best Songs About San Francisco

The other day I was on this page which is full of awesome quotes about San Francisco and it got me thinking of all the great songs written about our fair city. So I’ve decided to share ten of my favorites in no particular order. I also made sure to

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20 Jan 2020

Top 20 Bay Area Bands of 2019

I have a love-hate relationship with creating TOP 20 playlists of local bands. On one hand, the playlist becomes my favorite thing to listen to for the next year. Additionally, it makes it super easy for me to recommend bands to friends. I also love posting a link to the playlist in my friend’s Facebook feeds when they say, “tired of my music, I need a new playlist.”

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