20 Jun 2010

Keep Punk Free: Punk Island returns to Governor’s Island

Last weekend,  Governor’s Island was transformed into an oasis of collaborative art. This weekend, the punks are moving in. The result?  By this point next weekend, there won’t be a Governor’s Island. Entering its third year, Punk Island is music festival far removed from the your hip older brother’s Bonaroo and

16 Jun 2010

FREE Ted Leo Acoustic Set at Generation Records

Summer officially starts in less than a week, but there are signs of it all around the city. You will hear an ice cream truck once every 37.6 seconds, shorts are getting shorter and awesome free concerts are popping up in giant open areas like the South Street Seaport, Central

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15 Jun 2010

FREE Concert with Drake, Hanson, and Ninjasonik at the Seaport Tonight

What do Drake, Hanson and Ninjasonik have in common? If you guessed a song called ‘œSomebody’s Gonna Get Pregnant,’ well, you’re only sort of wrong. But the three acts are appearing together at the Seaport tonight at 6pm as part of the Sounds like Paper Summer Concert Series. For FREE.

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14 Jun 2010

Booze Popsicles, FREE Vodka and Your Chance to DJ at The Foundation

You ever been to a bar where you want to take away everyone else’s jukebox privileges? Or where you contemplate taking control of the DJ’s macbook when they’re not looking? If yes, you need to go to The Foundation tomorrow night. Everyone in the bar can step up and take

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09 Jun 2010

FREE Norah Jones Concert in Prospect Park

Last night, my friend saw a “Free Norah Jones” headline and thought, “What did Norah Jones do? Why does she need to get freed?” Then she realized that Norah had not been incarcerated, she’s just playing a free show in Prospect Park tonight. Her concert kicks off Celebrate Brooklyn, a

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30 May 2010

Reasons to Stay in the City for Memorial Day Weekend

I relish three-day weekends, not just because of the time off, but generally there is a mass exodus from the city and I get to roam around a little bit more people free. For those of you who were like f this I’m outta here. I’m happy for you, but

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25 May 2010

Broke-Ass Band (Video) Interview – Emily Jane White

I’ve known Emily Jane White for quite some time now.  We went to college together and both graduated from UCSC’s American Studies program.  As you can tell we’re both using our degrees very wisely. One day, back when I was living in Brooklyn, I was sitting on the toilet and

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25 May 2010

FREE EpicSauce Show on Thursday

San Francisco show listing website debuted a FREE show series a couple months ago. The semi-weekly shows take place at Milk Bar in the Haight. This Thursday’s FREE show features a great lineup: Silian Rail, By Sunlight, Ash Reiter, and Devotionals (a great band made up of Two Gallant’s

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