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14 Jul 2022

San Francisco’s ‘Obama’ French Dip Sandwich

LITTLE FRENCH PIGGY SANDWICH REVIEWS: At least once a week I take a walk or ride my bike to a different San Francisco eatery for lunch.  I’ve been doing this on and off for about 15 years now. The only rules are that the place must be locally owned AND must feed a full-sized, french piggy for under $20.

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11 Jul 2022

Now That Everybody Left, I Love SF More Than Ever

By Jeremy Kuempel “San Francisco is DEAD” read the headline of a party a few weeks ago, hosted at a century-old Victorian mansion repurposed into a group home for artists and weirdos. If your social media feed were any indication, the proclamation that the best days of the City were

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07 Jul 2022

5 Things To Tell Your Server That Will Get You Better Service

Having been a restaurant server for almost two score, I’ve seen it all.* I know the things that customers can say or do that will automatically make me want to give them better service. Shockingly, telling me they’re a big tipper isn’t one of them because the people who say

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07 Jul 2022

Costco Raised Food Court Prices: Sure Sign of Apocalypse

Since 1985, Costco has offered a hotdog meal for $1.50. Adjusted for inflation a dog and soda should actually cost around $4 today, but Costco has vowed to never change the price.  The Costco founder Jim Senegal once famously told CEO Craig Jelinek: “If you raise the [price of the]

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30 Jun 2022

Your Server Does Not Care About Your Birthday

They may pretend to care as they half-heartedly sing a birthday song to you along with their co-workers who care even less, but it’s all a charade

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23 Jun 2022

The Weirdest Things People Have Left Behind at Restaurants

Every restaurant has a cardboard box stashed away somewhere that serves as a lost and found department. Customers are notoriously forgetful when it comes to their belongings and leave things behind that makes you wonder how on earth they would ever forget that?

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22 Jun 2022

Antidepressants: A Thank-You to My Drugs

BUPROPION (Wellbutrin), 300mg daily You’re such a slut but I like you that way. Everybody likes you that way. Magazines call you “the happy, skinny, sexy pill,” for that covetous sexual energy you bring back to the body. Why shouldn’t they? Like spring after winter you followed a fatty, flaccid

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20 Jun 2022

The Best Patios in San Francisco to Drink Beer

Well, you’re in luck because here’s a list of amazing patios in SF

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