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06 May 2024

Hobson’s Choice is Closing Down

I got the unfortunate news yesterday that Hobson’s Choice, San Francisco’s Victorian punch house on Haight Street, is closing down after 26 years. Owner Chris Dickerson confirmed the rumor to me over text message. Although Dickerson is not sure when the final day will be, the nail is in the

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06 May 2024

Do You Miss Lockdown?

2020 started with the impeachment of Donald Trump, the first attempted presidential ousting since Clinton twenty-two years prior. A volcano in the Philippines erupted, killing thirty-nine and leaving many without homes. LA Lakers player Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna Maria-Onore died in a helicopter crash. A novel SARS virus

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03 May 2024

How an Irish Festival Reminded Me Why I Love The Bay

Last weekend, the team behind the much beloved Dicken’s Faire put on a new festival called Céilí on the Lake. Centered around Irish Dancing and Irish music, Céilí on the Lake welcomed Spring and celebrated Beltane with great food, sweet kid-friendly activities, tons of live music, artisan-made crafts, and of

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03 May 2024

Beloved Oakland Donut Shop Robbed But Community Swoops in to Support

Dick’s Donuts on High Street in Oakland was robbed by a regular customer on Thursday of last week in broad daylight. During a brief quiet moment in an otherwise busy morning, a man came into Dick’s Donuts, broke down the plastic barrier on the counter and took the entire register

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01 May 2024

Travel Back to the Harlem of the West with this Soul Food & Immersive Theater Combo

When was the last time a night out felt special? Not just leaving the house to do something but, as my dad would say, “stepping out on the town.” Well, for the next three weeks, Honey Art Studio, in collaboration with Walking Cinema and Minnie Bell’s Soul Movement, is giving

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25 Apr 2024

The Speakeasy is Back, Under the Streets of North Beach

Under the streets of North Beach, on the cusp of Chinatown, a Speakeasy has resurfaced.  In a cavernous maze of vice and gin, populated by showgirls,  jazz musicians, dirty politicians, rum runners, scallywags, and songbirds…while the doors only open to those with the right password. So naturally Stuart and I

18 Apr 2024

Ramen Makin’ & Sake Tastin’ in San Francisco

Diners laugh and work together as they navigate how to make the perfect noodle. Chan trained at the International Ramen School in Yokohama, Japan. Knowing that he didn’t want to open just another restaurant, he sought to offer a unique experience to diners along with his partner, Jeff Parsons.

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17 Apr 2024

I’m Throwing a Kegger and You Should Come!

Who wants to hang out and drink FREE beer? On Wednesday, May 1st, I’m buying a keg of beer at a San Francisco bar and inviting all my paying supporters on Patreon to come drink. It’s a great excuse to hang out, meet some cool new people (including some BAS writers),

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