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30 Jul 2021

All The Great Stuff Coming To Netflix In August

“Is it time to forgive Benioff and Weiss for lousing up the final season of ‘Game Of Thrones?’” is probably not the question Netflix hopes viewers will ask about the duo’s debut on the streaming service. But it’s a question that will come up anyway given the high profile talent

30 Jul 2021

The Great Stuff Coming To Hulu In August

Satan worshippers, a couple of 1990s pop culture touchstones, and even a new comedy co-created by Taika Waititi arrive to bring the heat to Hulu viewers’ August. This month’s highlights include a couple of well-received lesbian-themed films, a documentary look at an eventful year for Oakland High School’s senior class,

29 Jul 2021

The Tomorrow War, Today’s Dumbest Summer Movie

The “Expert Film Critic series” is neither a series nor conducted by experts.  It does focus on films that you’ve probably already seen, and simply want to know if “experts” also hated it. *Spoilers ahead. The Tomorrow War, Today’s Dumbest Summer Movie A straight to Amazon streaming alien invasion/time travel film that

Alex Mak - Managing Editor 1
25 Jul 2021

When the Lights Come Up in the City: Bayview Strong

Broke-Ass Stuart tours three neighborhoods in partnership with heresaymedia and  MEAGHAN MITCHELL to learn how businesses and community leaders pivoted to success during the pandemic. First up: the Bayview. 

Alex Mak - Managing Editor 0
22 Jul 2021

Tonight’s GLIDE Social Justice Film Fest Offers Solidarity, Inspiration

Bored of scrolling through Netflix and Hulu? Love a good documentary but sick of falling into the depressing true crime rabbit hole? Well look no further, because as usual, The GLIDE Foundation has something much better in store! Tonight, The GLIDE Legacy Committee will present A Social Justice Film Festival,

Lizzie Locker - Events Editor 0
20 Jul 2021

Back on Our Bullsh*t: More Shows Return to In-Person This Week!

Every Tuesday our subscribers get this awesome roundup in their inboxes. You should sign up right here to make sure you never miss a thing. The return of many more beloved parties, shows, and events makes this week a special one – but there’s also plenty of new-new for you-you!

Lizzie Locker - Events Editor 1
12 Jul 2021

The New Anthony Bourdain Documentary Arrives This Weekend

Last month was the three-year anniversary of the day chef and author Anthony Bourdain took his own life, leaving a rich tapestry and complicated legacy that even today leaves us reflecting on why he chose to leave us. We’ll reflect even more this weekend with fascinating new uncovered footage featured

Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training 0
12 Jul 2021

The Great Stuff Coming To The 41st S.F. Jewish Film Festival

What if you accidentally discovered a supposedly lost body of animation work? What sort of Kaddish can be given for notorious financial fraudster Bernie Madoff? What political activism can you perform when you develop ALS? The answers to these questions can be found in some of the films offered in this year’s San Francisco Jewish Film Festival