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31 Jan 2024

All The Cool Stuff Coming To Hulu In February 2024

February on Hulu does the Black History Month celebrations with some great stuff. There’s a classic of African American cinema, a docudrama on the parallel lives of two Civil Rights icons, and a documentary going beyond “Hidden Figures” to trace Black involvement in the American space program against the backdrop

18 Jan 2024

Cool Art Exhibits, Parties, & Performances in SF

Sometimes there’s a dark, rainy period in life, (let’s call it January) when you’re pretty sure you’ve forgotten what the sun looks like, or that the sky was once blue, and not just different shades of damp grey.  (I always use the preferred British spelling of ‘grey’ when talking about

17 Jan 2024

How to See Sundance and Slamdance Festival Movies While Being Broke

Do you visibly blanch or freak out at the thought of paying as much as $30 for an ordinary movie screening ticket? Then attending the in-person version of the 2024 festivals (Sundance from January 18 to 28, Slamdance from January 19 to 28) might be financially out of reach, especially

13 Jan 2024

Waiters & Bartenders are Funding a Movie about a Killer Karen

There’s always room on the cinematic landscape for another horror movie and a new one is on the horizon. We’re So Dead is a restaurant-based horror/comedy movie that is soon to go into production. Full disclosure: this passion project is that of this writer. I’ve written dozens of restaurant related

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27 Dec 2023

All The Great Stuff Coming To Hulu In January 2024

It’s a new year for Hulu viewers, and 2024 kicks off with a little bit of everything.  There’s a well-known musical starring Patrick Swayze as a working-class dance instructor. True crime fans can learn the chilling tale of the Mormon Manson’s cult. Marvel’s newest mini-series follows a former Kingpin enforcer

07 Dec 2023

All The Cool Titles On Netflix In December 2023

Hooray, the SAG-AFTRA membership has voted to ratify their new contract!  This strike is officially over.  As an added bit of karmic justice, Netflix, who’s part of SAG-AFTRA’s opposite number the AMPTP, is dealing with the fallout of foolishly handing over $55 million to a director who failed to produce

04 Dec 2023

Another Hole In The Head Film Festival Turns 20!

Ghost stories are just as much a part of winter celebrations as online website visits to buy holiday presents.  This year’s Another Hole In The Head (hereafter AHITH) marks the 20th such run up to Christmas (December 1-25) with another batch of ghost stories, horror, science fiction, fantasy, crime drama,

11 Nov 2023

A Must See: ‘Head Trip’ The Doggie Diner Heads Journey to NY

EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to popular demand, a second screening has been added for this showing. Head Trip is showing at The Roxie on Sunday,November 19, 2023 at 1:00 PM & also 7:40PM – tickets are here We all love a good road trip and those tales that feel like some

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