19 May 2023

Liarmouth: Aubrey Plaza in conversation with John Waters

San Franciscans packed the Sydney Goldstein Theatre last Tuesday May 9, 2023 for a taste of filth. John Waters’s new novel LIARMOUTH…a feel-bad romance was just released on paperback. To celebrate this event, the great people at City Arts & Lecture brought actor Aubrey Plaza for a conversation with the

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17 May 2023

How I Finally Washed All The Stuff in My Costume Box

Most of us have a very dirty secret: none of the stuff in our costume boxes has ever been washed. Ok, maybe some articles were washed like seven years ago because something egregious happened during Santa Con, but you and I both know that most of your costumes are filthy.

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Outside a restaurant.
08 May 2023

This Tenderloin Restaurant’s Food Is So Good I Broke Up With My Girlfriend

BY TOUTA BAHER I wanted to write about an Indian and Pakistani restaurant in the Tenderloin, but had a hard time deciding which one to focus on. There are so many delicious options within two blocks, but I decided to talk about Shalimar Restaurant, the place that inspired me to

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Steak raining from the sky.
24 Apr 2023

This Expensive San Francisco Restaurant Made Me Hate Myself

BY ANTONY FANGARY There’s an upscale chain restaurant, we’ll call it “Fancy Applebee’s,” with a location in downtown San Francisco that reeks of fratboys at a nightclub. Like most places that aren’t worth the money, they have a dress code. I don’t think that we need to debate the obvious

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06 Apr 2023

SF’s St. Stupid’s Day Parade, a Wonderfully Idiotic Tradition

There is a ridiculous tradition each April Fool’s Day in San Francisco.  It’s a celebration of all things illogical, a demonstration for the foolish by the fool hearty, a preposterous procession that celebrates above all one thing: human stupidity.

01 Apr 2023

BART to Add Bars & Booze to All Commuter Trains

April 1st, 2023. BREAKING NEWS – Let’s get a beer on BART! It’s finally happening folks!  BART plans on combating budget concerns by adding dining cars with full bars and a bartender to each commuter train. The ridership on BART has had a steep decline over the last few years with

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01 Apr 2023

Paltrow Vows to “Turn Ski Bum Bones into Broth” on Hot Mic

April 1st, 2023. BREAKING NEWS –  Nearly 7 years ago, a ski collision put Gweneth Paltrow back in the headlines when she was sued for damage caused by an accident that left the other skier with lasting brain trauma. On Thursday, Paltrow won her court battle after a jury decided the

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29 Mar 2023

The KFC Double Down is the Most Horrifying Thing I’ve Ever Eaten

It started as all things do in my life: an impulse. Having genetic predispositions to heavy alcohol consumption, a paradigm of “no risk, no reward,” and good old bad friends who know I’ll do almost anything if it comes to a dare (we won’t get into psycho-analyzing that today), the