26 Jun 2022

How We Can Help Fix San Francisco’s Problematic Public Schools

By Vanessa Hutchinson-Szekely – Veteran California Public School Teacher San Francisco public school leaders, blaze the trail for the rest of the country:  SUPERSIZE EDUCATOR SALARIES & SUPPORT As we catapult into summer, let’s simultaneously think about next school year. Specifically, what can we improve for our educators to avoid a

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24 Jun 2022

Most Significant Overturning of Rights in Our Lives

After 50 years, abortion rights have been taken away. The Supreme Court has overturned Roe vs. Wade in a decision that has rocked the nation today. Protests are already underway in many cities and you can expect that there will definitely be some today in The Bay as well. Organizers

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24 Jun 2022

The Bay Area’s Tiny Harpest: EllaHarp

Empowered with the success of building her own tiny home, EllaHarp turned her attention to her next challenge: building a tiny harp. If a tiny harp seems like less of a big deal than a tiny house, you’re probably not a professional harpist. 

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23 Jun 2022

San Francisco’s Circus Bella : Performers You Should Know

The Performer You Should Know series highlights local artists before they perform something awesome, it’s our way of supporting the creative community and helping to keep San Francisco a strange and wonderful place. We’ve got a soft spot in our hearts for circus folk here at, we are kindred spirits. 

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23 Jun 2022

The Weirdest Things People Have Left Behind at Restaurants

Every restaurant has a cardboard box stashed away somewhere that serves as a lost and found department. Customers are notoriously forgetful when it comes to their belongings and leave things behind that makes you wonder how on earth they would ever forget that?

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21 Jun 2022

BART Fare Increase Approved By Officials

Shootings. Stabbings. Derailments. Operating system and equipment failures. “Unscheduled” track maintenance. Civilians walking in the tunnels. These are only some of the problems plaguing our Bay Area Rapid Transit system. Ridership is 30-to-40% of its weekday pre-pandemic levels, and the aging agency sees about half its previous weekend riders. Despite

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21 Jun 2022

Why I Don’t Care About The Warriors’ Victory

The first thing I want to say is I’m Abraham Woodliff, not Stuart. If you’re mad about my stance, send the hate to me. Stuart’s innocent. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I can say this: I don’t give a fuck about sports in the sense of

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21 Jun 2022

America Doesn’t Have A Left Wing…Why not?

Written By Habibi Bridges One of the biggest myths in existence is that there is an American Left. You’ll hear people on Fox news claim that the  Biden and Harris administration is leftist. Rich Lowry, current editor in chief of National Review, wrote an opinion piece titled “Biden is the

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