20 Dec 2023

In 2024, All Immigrants in California May Qualify for Medicaid

By Bernard J. Wolfson Milagro, a Peruvian immigrant in Riverside County, California, has had spotty access to health care in the two decades she’s been in this country. The 48-year-old, who works as the office manager at a nonprofit, can get emergency care through a narrow set of benefits the

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19 Dec 2023

StonesTown Mall To Be Converted Into Mixed Use Neighborhood

Did you know San Francisco has a mall? No, not the Westfield, but like a suburban ass, big movie theater-havin’, legit ass fucking mall. It’s called Stonestown and it’s a stone’s throw from SF State. Well, there’s some good news, the area is gonna get a shit ton more housing! 

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A building.
18 Dec 2023

On Death by Productivity and the Presidio Bowl

The boats churning in and out of the San Francisco Bay look all the more enormous from a patio in the shrouded Presidio Park and, with this vista in full view, I remember a sheet of paper on my desk at home. It’s an excerpt from British philosopher Mark Fisher

14 Dec 2023

‘FUCK-IT-ALL FRIDAYS’ Resistance Plan for 2024

Your favorite culture jamming publication, Adbusters, has a Plan for World Revolution in 2024.

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14 Dec 2023

Five Guys, Chick-fil-A Are Not Closing. It’s Just Clickbait

The misleading advertisements have been appearing as ads on several sites, with headlines like “Five Guys Closing Down All Restaurant Locations in 2024” or “America’s Most Famous Burger Brand Is Now Chinese Owned.” with a picture of a Five Guys restaurant or an image of a Big Mac burger as the cover image.

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13 Dec 2023

The Best 🎁 You Can Give Me for My Bday

It’s crazy to think that, at this point, I’ve been doing Broke-Ass Stuart for almost half my life. In that time it’s been A LOT of things: a couple zines, 3 books, a travel TV show on IFC, and oodles of fun projects and web series. And of course, there’s always

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12 Dec 2023

When Is The Mainstream Media Going To Get Bored Of Hating San Francisco?

Every week I write articles and I do quick scans of recent news involving San Francisco, Oakland and California to see if I can gain enough inspiration to give my opinion on what’s happening in a way that isn’t boring to you, the reader.  I’ve noticed something. Every. Single. Fucking.

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07 Dec 2023

Frank Somerville is ‘Cool’ Again & He’s Letting the World Know

Today, Frank is flexing on Facebook, saying that he’s “6 months clean and sober.”  You can read his post below, and admire his guns.  As he says in his post, “Pretty cool that I can rock a compression muscle shirt at 65 years old and not embarrass my two daughters.”

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