26 Jan 2021

Trump Pardons Were Mixed Bag of Accidental Good, Intentional Bad and Absolute Absurdity

By Ian Firstenberg During his term, former President Donald Trump pardoned 89 people and commuted 117 sentences. The volume and late-stage flurry is thoroughly average compared to past presidents. Some of Trump’s pardons are distinctly more political, like the four Blackwater guards convicted for murdering Iraqi citizens, while some are

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Bernie Sanders Mittens Shirt
21 Jan 2021

The Bernie Sanders Mittens Shirt is Here

Yes indeed, the Bernie Sanders Mittens Shirt is here! By now I’m sure you saw all the incredible memes of Bernie Sanders sitting in different places. In fact we collected the best of them and put them all right here. Well now you can have Bernie sitting with you everywhere you

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21 Jan 2021

The Best & Funniest Bernie Memes

Bernie Sanders may not have won the presidency, but he won our hearts.  His mittens, his ‘this inauguration is not my whole day’ jacket, and his general ‘don’t touch me’ demeanor, was easily the biggest meme of the 2021 inauguration.  People gleefully put his punim in the most historic, hilarious,

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19 Jan 2021

The 1st Social & Economic Justice Film Festival Debuts This Weekend

Welcomes are in order for the newest film festival to make its San Francisco Bay Area debut.  January 23-24, 2021 will see the premiere of the first Social and Economic Justice Film Festival. It will offer a mix of short and feature films from such countries as the US, India,

11 Jan 2021

I Spent 24 hours on Parler Watching it Implode

It took a while to get used to it’s stuttering interface and odd flow of threads, but getting past that I threw up a few original posts: they got mad really fast. My notifications went wild. In my first hour or so on the site, these people proved they are the flakiest of snows.

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05 Jan 2021

Georgia Makes History: Warnock Holds Solid Lead, Ossoff in Striking Distance

In races to determine no less than the future of the country, Georgia Senate candidates were neck-in-neck from the moment polls closed and through much of the night.  But as the minutes ticked by and Dekalb County reported in, the two Democrats inched closer to victory. By 9:20 p.m. Tuesday,

31 Dec 2020

Our 10 Most Popular Articles of 2020

It was a hell of a year. BrokeAssStuart.com, like many independent media outlets and small businesses were hanging on by our proverbial fingernails. In 2020 we realized that everything we got paid to promote had to do with going out into the community, and that was all over with. The

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31 Dec 2020

The Streets of San Francisco & Oakland in 2020

What a year. To tell the story of 2020 I teamed up with Bay Area photographer Marcell Turner, whose imagery captures both the comforting and horrifying views of our streets in vivid detail.  Let’s take a visual walk down memory lane, in both Oakland and San Francisco.  All photography by

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