04 Jul 2016

We wanna send you to Fit of Mind’s Freedom Festival!

  Fit of Mind is a start-up performance center offering exercise services aimed at restoring health to fitness. Their mission is to educate clients on how to train smarter, not harder, for optimal prosperity. On Saturday July 9 join them during their grand opening and inaugural ‘Freedom Festival’ day of Fitness, Fun and

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28 Jun 2016

How to Sound Like a Yogi

So…yoga’s pretty popular. Yoga can be really great for you. It can help you develop better flexibility and ease up some pains. It can help you feel calmer and give you an outlet for anxiety. It can help you make friends and meet a new community of people. What it

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UBUD, BALI INDONESIA  APRIL 2, 2016--  HANDS PERCUSSION performing at Bali Spirit Festival.Photo Credit: Victoria Smith
20 May 2016

The Bali Spirit Festival is One of the More Enchanting Festivals in the World

One of my favorite photographers in the world, Victoria Smith, went to the Bali Spirit Festival last month. She took lots of photos and experienced what seems like one of the more enchanting festivals in the world. Below are her words and beautiful photos: Spring is a special time in Ubud

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15 Jan 2016

The Morning Dance Party In San Francisco

Normally, getting on a strange boat when it’s dark outside is a bad idea.  It typically means you’ve been Shanghaied by gold rush era sailors or worse, tricked into going crab fishing.  But if you’re like me, and you’re looking around at San Francisco and wondering ‘where did all the weird

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11 Nov 2015

Tea Is the New Whiskey

There is a wave of tea houses in San Francisco with popularity surging. They aren’t exactly new—what with places like Samovar being household names for years—but they are growing in scope, scale and (metaphorical) buzz.

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09 Sep 2015

Meet Leigh Ferrara: Movement Specialist

Hey there, I’m Dijon, creator of Souls of San Francisco. I’m back for the third collab between Broke Ass Stuart and Souls of San Francisco. This is where we take time to get to know the locals that make our community so epic. This time we’re featuring Leigh Ferrara. She’s been in SF

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08 Jul 2015

7 Sports More Spiritual Than Yoga

There’s nothing wrong with yoga, I know people who credit their sobriety, their tummy, their relationship, to this ancient form of stretching. But to single out yoga as ‘the spiritual sport’ is like saying weightlifting is ‘the one that makes you stronger.’ Here are seven sports–for the seven chakras–that offer

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