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Heart — A Cheap San Francisco Wine Bar

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Heart, on 24th and Valencia

In college, I learned that drinking wine out of a mason jar was socially acceptable. Unfortunately, that habit didn’t translate well in my post-grad life. Real adults think jars are tacky — although, I’m willing to concede that this might just be a San Francisco thing since a lot of people here really thrive on being pretentious. But it doesn’t matter, because San Francisco wine bar Heart is on my side.

They serve their wine (if you haven’t figured it out yet) in jars. Added bonus: the wine is really good. Additional added bonus: the wine is pretty cheap. Obviously, there is some pretty pricey stuff on the menu, but the house wine was only $4 a glass when I was there. My friend and I bought a bottle for $22. This is a little more expensive than the Two Buck Chuck most people tend to drink out of jars, but the payoff is that you don’t get heartburn.

If you follow their Twitter, you’ll be the first to know about their special deals, e.g. “Broke Student Night” where even “students of life” (see: people who got a degree in woodworking from their local JC) get to feast on $5 deli sandwiches. So delicate! So cheap!

Bottom line is, I may be tacky, but it’s not because I drink out of a jar.

Heart Wine Bar
1270 Valencia @ 24th St.
[The Mission]

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Rebecca Pederson - Cheap Date

Rebecca Pederson - Cheap Date

Rebecca graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Literature, but she tells everyone she majored in Psychology so they don't ask her for book recommendations. She likes coffee, pickles, free yoga classes, and spends a lot of time with her dog.


  1. Christy Jovanelly - Cheapskate Commentator
    March 19, 2010 at 5:26 pm

    i don’t think i’m a real adult because i’m totally with you in liking the drinking-wine-from-jars thing.

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