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Demolish The Lunch Buffet at Tiffin Wallah

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All You Can Eat.

Those words bring up a lot of connotations, not all of them good. For some, they’re a challenge. For others, they mean a dump truck’s worth of mediocre food. For others still, they induce Vegas flashbacks. Well, my weary gamblers and skeptics, I come armed with good news. Tuckered away amongst the Curry Hill promises of dosa and samosas is one of the finest buffets in the city- the lunch at Tiffin Wallah.

For 7 bones and change you have free reign over a small but hearty lunch buffet. The standard issue here is four hot dishes ranging from curry to pakora along with salad, rice, and dessert. All of it bottomless and delicious. It should be noted, carnivores, that TW is all vegetarian but trust when I say (and I don’t throw this around lightly) that you won’t miss the meat. And it should be noted to you, Chosen People, that it’s also 100% kosher. For those of you unversed in the varying cuisines of Indian food this won’t satisfy your thirst for knowledge- the dishes are unmarked and it’s sort of a crapshoot if it vibes with you. The staff rotates in and out a roster of dishes so after a few visits it’s all familiar, even if you’re referring to it as “that red creamy stuff with the peas.” Budget some time to wait, the place is small and business lunchers are just as hungry as broke asses. The place is good for dinner, too, and they have a fine standing regular menu, but it’s the promise and delivery of Delicious All You Can Eat that makes Tiffin Wallah stand heads above its neighbors.

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Tiffin Wallah Restaurant
27 East 28th St # A b/w Park Ave and Lexington Ave
[Murray Hill]

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